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Leaving Darwin? Think Again....

Going away this mid year break, but worried about being targeted whilst on your hard earned vacation?

In this day and age of hi-tech security options some of the simplest idea’s are still the best.

An empty house advertises itself without most owners realizing it, and once burglars get in they can come and go often without the break-ins being detected for days, even weeks.

Coming from a Real estate background we have discovered several techniques to give houses that “lived-in” look that leaves no clue for would be burglars.

Some Low tech Tips

  • Cancel any paper deliveries

  • Either have friends or a neighbour collect your mail or alternatively have your mail and packages temporarily redirected to the post office until your return.

  • If you are taking your vehicle/s for a camping trip, ask your neighbour/s if they could park in your drive-way for the time period you are away.

  • Let a family member, friend or neighbour know when and where you are going.

  • Arrange a gardener to mow the lawn whilst you are away. They can also arrange sprinkler servicing whilst your away to keep the lawn green if you don’t have timed irrigation.

  • Place a NO Junk mail sticker on your letter box whilst you are away

  • Ask a neighbours, family member or friend if they can wheel out your bins on bin day

  • Seriously consider a qualified and referenced house sitter for the time away

  • Turn down the volume of your phone or answering service and don’t advertise your absence on the message

  • If you have a pet, have someone look after them at your home.

  • Ensure gates are closed and locked or latched.

  • Draw Curtains so that no one can tell if your home or not.

If you still worry that your home is at risk, or have some valuables that you just can’t afford to lose here are some Hi-tech tips

  • Install self-activated external lights

  • Purchase some wifi-phone activated timer-plugs and set the timer so that the TV or Radio comes on whilst your away.

  • Have an electronic camera and alarm system installed, in this day and age they are quite affordable and are link-able to your phone, PC or handheld devices so that you can see what’s happening whilst you are away.

There are multiple ways for home owners to create that “lived-in” look before they go on vacation and plenty of options for home security available by contacting your local “Neghbourhood Watch” for a checklist and some more great idea’s.

Remember prevention is better than insurance. Risk is a natural part of life, but we can reduce it.

If you find anything attached helpful and think it may help others please Like and share. Lets make this holiday season fun and spend more time thinking about ourselves and our families rather than what could be happening at home.

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