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I am continuously amazed at the dynamic between the left and the right, when in discussions with people that consider themselves to be of both sides, they have substantially more in common than they do that divides them.

One of the most divisive comments I hear from the left is this “Human Right agenda”. I’ve heard these “rights” being discussed from a child as young as 7, to adults in their senior years. Both generations seem to have opposing views ie, the right to free speech (not a right in Australia’s constitution) compared to the right to harmony and peace (the right to not have to listen to a little s*^t telling an older person to go f*^k Off). Neither side has a “Right” but have a belief that they have an inherent privilege.

In almost every corner of civilized life we are bombarded by messages that provide no context or continuity to common sense. Whether it is the continuous examples of incompetent people in positions of power failing to do basic due diligence like the Police executive who took some staffers or mates (as none had any authority, qualification or aptitude) to look at the wrong blocks in a remote area (costing the public $$$,$$$’s or to dodgy Politicians who publicly announce they will not sell any public assets then, sell off the Darwin Port, TIO-Local Public owned Insurance and Banking society and arrange a public donation of public land, a piece of valuable land for a proposed future privately/public funded oncology treatment centre. (then the politician goes and works for the person he is creating the arrangement with.)

In the NT we are consistently provided with evidence again and again that a person’s gender, skin colour and political allegiance has nothing to do with their actions. Clare Martin just came out and savaged the intervention, I don’t agree with it either(another time maybe) but whilst she was in power or in politics for 12 years, the department of Woman's affairs barely had enough funding to get new computers, Cathy Freeman did more for women’s health and education in the NT and that was through infrequent visits but a consistent powerful message of self determination.

One of Adam Giles first actions as the newly party room elected Chief Minister was to destroy the aboriginal affairs ministries and try to incorporate them into other public affairs. A person of Aboriginal heritage may not always be the right voice for the aboriginal people if they intend on reducing the voice of the people who they professed to represent.

The labor party for example is traditionally known locally to be the party that is associated with unions etc but they have the power to create acts and legislation to ensure penalty rates are maintained in the hospitality services in a community that relies heavily on tourism and have currently remained silent.

The hypocrisy of those that keep stating they are fighting for these rights is that instead of actively defending those that have opposite opinion and sharing enlightened views with them, instead of using the power of proximity and increasing their influence through community discussions, many (not all) take up a banner and create a division.

"There is a commonsense reality that society fails to grasp some days and that is "You Can't push shit up hill!" If those in power commit theft, fraud, lack courage, are apathetic and are public alcoholics then those in society will reflect them."

This a symptom in my opinion of the some of the misguided global campaign of human rights. There are in my opinion, no such thing as human rights only human responsibilities and moral obligations, HUMAN PRIVILEGES.

"As soon as we as a society are willing to educate those that think they have a birth right instead of an obligation then we won’t see people really have self determination and work to build a better society."

There is no right to work, right to employment, you have to be productive to earn a living, have integrity to maintain a position. There is no right to safety, security and peace, there is an obligation that we as a society need to remain vigilant and conscientious and lead with our hearts rather than our heads. "To communicate, share(educate) and Love through courage rather than hate, fear and loathe."

Many social programs were created to appease the masses so they didn't take from the wealthy and the corrupt but the fundamental goal of the unions, the protesters and fighters for those programs was to create pathways to progress not just a safety net or sit down money.

I know that unions have also been flawed and have won concessions that didn't just protect the vulnerable but in many cases the incompetent. Protesters have been inundated by professional whingers instead of solution makers and idealists. But it was and is the majority of the fighting spirit that lead to progressive changes like schooling, work hours, policing, firefighters etc.

These privileges are not written in stone and are being ravaged by under funding and corporate greed continuously. Even legislation doesn't create a right it creates public policy. Public policy is political will and whilst we have a populist government it will follow the will of the people.

As we have seen however with our current federal government attempting to give over $50 Billion dollars worth of taxation exemptions to the wealthiest and highest percentage of tax avoiders, it is obvious that some of our privileges are provided as concessions, not as a result of social recognition.

Our society needs to get out of this mentality that we have rights because those that generally push that campaign may not share the values, morals and agenda of a progressive society.

"I am a white, middle aged male, I have been provided a myriad of privileges through-out my life in this, one of the luckiest countries on the Planet but I am acutely aware in the 40 years I have lived, that the privilege of today can become the wish of tomorrow, especially in a country where there is a lack of political and judicial will to prosecute those that place their own divisive thoughts and needs over the needs of others."

I have and am still continuously motivated, encouraged and educated by those on both sides. Those that believe we must fight to make everything progressive a "Right" and not a "Privilege". I personally like Clare Martin for the fact that she did a lot of tremendous positive work in the NT and represented us to the best of her ability at the time. As did Adam Giles who was constantly being targeted and influenced not just by those in treasury who had dire concerns through-out his tenure but by his close affiliation to large private entities that provided great feedback and support but little understanding of governance and social credibility. As people both provided good and bad outcomes but their proximity and surrounding influences had an impact on us all.

I have been very careful about those I have shared with in the past for this particular reason. But I have realized that through consultation with my community, that most of the people I have met have a desire for strong communication and consultation and want to be a part of a progressive solution. We all seek a sense of "FREEDOM".

This is why I have chosen to run as a Candidate for my local Council elections this 26th August 2017.

Remember if you want to help me help you, please share your voice and vote for Sam4Richardson this coming 26th August 2017.

Note :

Written and Authorized by Sam Wilks. The views included may not be those of others mentioned in the article but are those of Sam Wilks. If you have other idea’s feel free to comment below. Idea’s and differing opinion is recognition of a free and just democratic society. A Society I am happy to live in. Please however try not to be abusive or discriminative, you may be. But if I feel that your opinion may be harmful or is reported as being harmful, I will delete it.

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