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5 fatal mistakes when choosing a Security company

· The security Personnel can’t communicate effectively. It is extremely important that the staff have the ability to speak the language at a high level used in the location. Ie. In Australia the language is English, the average level of education is year 10. The minimum expectation of an employee should be a year 12 tertiary level of English.

  1. · The Security Personnel don’t look professional. First impressions count, if a person doesn’t have enough respect to look after themselves then they will not have the respect to engage with others in a respectful way.

  2. · The Security Personnel are too aggressive. The role of a security guard is to de-escalate situations and to ensure the safety and security of the public. If a security officer engages in an aggressive way they actually escalate the aggression and tension in the area, in contradiction to their role.

  3. · The security Personnel look like they are affected by or under the influence of illicit or recreational drugs. People tend to feel more attracted to those that represent their own values in a positive way. If a Security officer is covered in tattoos and looks like he has taken steroids in conjunction with other drugs he may suit a private bikie club but he is not suitable to represent the other 99% of society. Even more dangerous is the security places themselves, their employer and the public in danger when they are unable to perform at an optimal standard.

  4. · The security officers are not qualified. There is a minimum educational requirement in Australia and most other countries for security officers. A regularly updated and up to date first aid course, resuscitation certificates, security courses, open hand tactic courses etc. ensure that the public is not placed at risk and that the security officer remains responsible and continually educated in the legal requirements and public expectations of the role. All roles evolve through education and enlightenment by the public and its expectations.

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