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Is the new anti-malware industry consolidating already?

The biggest concerns for the massive computer security industry is that insurance companies cannot adequately evaluate or assess the value of intellectual property and therefore are unable to equate code to loss. So how do some companies avoid litigation, no guarantees and they provide their product for free.... for a time.

Several massive international court cases have been both legally askew by national interests and false testimony with the judiciary failing to assess credibility in a world it truly does not understand.

Windows users have been able to enjoy free AV protection since the early days when Avira released its antivirus "AntiVir" for free and AVG provided free protection from spyware and worms. Then Comodo joined the panel pushing its Internet Security suite comprising of the award winning firewall and a performing AntiVirus, free for home use.

But now Sophos has just released a free version of its Antivirus for Mac users, becoming the first firm providing malware protection on this platform. The need for malware protection for the Mac is high, real and supported by an increasing number of infections on this platform.

The same Sophos has announced a decline in the rate of growth of the company with the immediate effect of firing 80 of its employees, for a total of 8% of the workforce. Although its product is new it (rumours) awaits an expected buy out by firm AVG in the coming year.

AVG, the firm specialized in Windows malware protection, has announced the buy out of DroidSecurity, an Israeli startup company producing security software for Android

smartphones. The deal with DroidSecurity will bring AVG into the growing, although relatively new market of anti malware solutions for smartphones.

Although the massive players like Apple and Windows both have interests in providing and selling security software to the market they have both been advised the growing litigiousness

in the technology and information sector will not be subdued anytime soon and there can be no guarantees to the ever and always growing ability for man to assess, manipulate and

create assess through ever more imaginative ways to supposedly secure systems attached to the web via encrypted portal.

As every hacker knows Impossible is just I'm Possible in the right code.

If you are seeking advice in regards to business and home security contact me for advice, risk assessment or a consultation.

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