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Should you consider Security professionals for your function or event?

If you are considering a function, or event with more than 30 people in attendance, then you should consider a security professional. When people enter your premises, they become your responsibility. The use of security mitigates risk and lowers liability issues, that you may have to deal with, if anything goes wrong.

These are the concerns regarding people and property that can lead to litigation.

  • Uninvited guests attempt to crash the event – Whether your event is at home, at a hotel, convention centre, or other venue where there is foot traffic, some people will attempt to gate crash or find another way into your event. If those event crashers stay and cause trouble or damage, you will be liable. It is much less expensive to have a security officer/s watch the door and stop these people from entering, than it is to pay for the damage they may do if they gain entry.

  • Attendees damage or steal property - When you have more than 25 people, you have a crowd and that crowd can take on a pack mentality. Otherwise normal people may begin behaving irrationally when they otherwise wouldn’t. If there is alcohol served or there is a risk of recreational drug use, things can get out of hand. Security guards deter this kind of behaviour and can deescalate a situation before it arises. This is because many guests try to avoid bad behaviour when being observed, when trouble is brewing many guests will feel more comfortable consulting a security officer, who can take care of the situation

  • Intoxicated guests disturbs the event - If you are serving liquor, you absolutely must have security guards on hand. This is because the risk of a guest getting drunk and partaking in anti-social behaviour is high. Security Officers holding RSA certificates know the legislative requirements and how to identify the signs of intoxication. Through respectful interaction an attendee can curb their activities and behaviour prior to it getting out of control.

  • Noise complaints - No one wants to have the police called to a function or an event that has gotten too loud for the venue. It may be the guests that will ask to turn up the music, but you will be the one liable for fines and or eviction. Trained security officers generally carry mobile phones with the latest sound noise detection apps to protect the organiser/s and get things back on track before the police are called.

If you are planning to hold a function or event, budget for security personnel, the fee’s will negate the risk of greater loss in the case anything goes wrong. Your guests will appreciate that you consider their security and safety and will be more likely to enjoy the event.

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