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Eating shouldn't be a distraction

Knowing how to eat shouldn’t be that hard, right? But I am asked several times a week by colleague’s questions about diet/s, the latest food replacement powders, proteins and supplements etc. The “Market” seems to be promoting ever-changing advice that leaves people feeling confused, and exhausted. There is so much contradictory advice that it is impossible to know what or who to believe.

So here are some simple tips to help,

Plan – if you wait until your meal break to go to the shops or zip up to a fast food outlet it’s going to be hard to find something healthy. Make a set time, early in the morning or before you go to bed and plan your meal, or even make it the night before.

Divide your plate – Mix fruit and veges, some protein and a grain based portion in every meal. That may be as simple as a Tuna and salad Sandwich with an apple as a palette cleaner or my favourite some toast, grapes and fetta.

Give yourself a treat - Just make it a small portion. Grab 2 small blocks of Cadbury chocolate, 2 fantails, a couple of snakes or about a third of a piece of cake to cure the cravings. The main reason for binge eating is the natural reaction to sugar addiction.

Graze – keep either some nuts in your pocket or an alternative like pumpkin seeds etc Graze through-out the day. It keeps the metabolism going and lead to better brain function. It also combats the need to binge.

Drink plenty of water

Remember keep it simple and you will get or remain healthy. Don't get distracted by the latest fad diets, every things works for a while, but a sustainable simple plan leads to better outcomes in my opinion.

Note- Sam has a Certificate in fitness and health nutrition and fitness testing. A Cert II in coaching.

Sam has trained and coached Australian and world record holders in weight lifting, power lifting and some top natural body-builders.

Sam has also coached the NTIS tennis teams, Womens Rugby and NTIS basketball (resistance coaching).

Currently holds a Cert III in Holistic health and fitness and is completing a Cert IV in fitness. If you are looking for personal coaching Sam refers clients to Hector Del Nido and Karlene Dagg-Del Nido of H&K Fitness in Darwin as he has trained with, known and respected them for over 12 years.

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