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Are Mobile phone making us Fat?

The phone might be mobile, but many of the people with them are not. I recently had a conversation about the size of men and women in Darwin. On observation I pointed out 25 people, and 20 of them sitting, and playing with apps on their phone. The added access to more, and more distractions, is providing an unhealthy alternative to being mobile.

The man I was speaking with, then shared that he had recently replaced his old mobile phone, with a smart phone, and that he has experienced a difference in his physical activity. “In the past if I was sitting in the car waiting for my wife, or bored, I would get out of the car and go for a stroll, now I can just download or watch whatever I want.” He said.

I explained that I have training program apps on my phone through But that I now choose to watch youtube whilst I am on the elliptical machine at the gym. However, it really pisses off friends when they see me with my earphones in, or watch what I am doing, as they consider it unsociable.

I must admit I have spent more than an hour watching a fitness video, whilst sitting on my bum. I wonder how much the advent of smart phones is contributing to a sedentary lifestyle for society. But given the mean-spirited history of the current political parties, I hope they won’t consider increasing taxes on every bodies new must have distraction.

I find it so ironic that the product created to increase communication, is being used to escalate disconnection, and may be contributing to people being less mobile! Sometimes I think that we are God’s, greatest comical relief.

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