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Right from Wrong

There is an infinite number of interpretations to any situation according to our modern theory. This is the power and failure of intelligence. To create order or “right” there are created constraints which are both evolutionary and environmentally based on progress. For example, in history, those idea’s that were wrong will eventually in nature realistically will lead to death.

This is in basis where “natural Law” comes from. For example, should an individual take from a community (society) as opposed to create a greater benefit for the community, they will be accused of theft or larceny. This action will create a sense of anger and fear, based on loss. This “taker” will be in direct contradiction to communities ideal of egalitarianism (fairness), the result historically has been met with education, violence, incarceration or banishment (ostracising).

Every human culture has the same inherent response, be it Aboriginal peoples, or occupants through-out the world. This is because it is based on nature. If a person has worked extra-ordinarily hard and is rewarded by greater resources for their work, they create respect and standing (identity) due to their conduct and behaviour. Those that would take from those with respect and standing, are met by the additional resources of the community (the Mob) that does not necessarily have to be led by a person, but is generally led by evolutionary need for natural law (justice). There are a multitude of examples, fables, stories and sayings through human history that discuss and educate on these natural “constraints”.

In this modern age where by, we have greater access to communication, not so intelligence, but definitely, “communication”, society is able to be influenced by the “Identity”. However, unlike evolutionary natural law, “identity” can be invented or eliminated through false narratives.

These narratives can be promoted through a range of marketing and advertisement techniques that fail to meet the scrutiny of “society” as a whole. For instance, the rise and fall of Jerry, the subway idol, that rose to fame, through the marketing of his weight loss attributed to the controlled consumption of a food product, a false narrative, followed by the revelations that this “false idol” is now a convicted sex offender.

The creation of “identity” in history has been through the constant and consistent conduct of value, character and ideology. All of which met the natural laws of progression. However, unlike any other time on history, an

un-natural ability to socially engineer an “identity” to promote an un-natural “ideology” is available.

Just as we have come to the realisation that through education and intelligent research we have discovered that much of our political policy and direction has been at the corrupt behest of a select few, based on wealth, not contribution.

So, have we come to the realisation that new “politically correct” terminology and ideology, are based on social engineering from the media, creating propaganda for those with money, and therefore power and influence. This battle between natural justice an evolutionary creation that some call “egalitarian values” and the corruption from those who fear losing influence always leads to blood, death and revolution.

The creation of revolutions has never been by intellectuals historically, as intellectuals are generally employed by the government or power of the day. Historical literature itself is written and marketed by intellectuals generally financed by the rich and powerful, not the intelligent or honest.

The continuous finding of mass graves, and the creation of cloud based history and research platforms such as Wikipedia is leading to an eruption of educated people and an increase in societal fear, anger and loss. The community due to globalisation is becoming not just educated and intelligent, but, dangerous.

Governments are still attempting to use propaganda instead of results to sell a narrative that can be dispelled as myths and false narratives in moments on social media or the internet. Many global governments have now created constraints and controls on social media platforms to attack and destroy “free speech”.

Corporations, governments and influencers understand this, and have derived a way of curbing anger based on the natural laws of “The oppressor and the oppressed”. This “interpretation” based on the narrative of “David vs Goliath”, can be easily manipulated by social engineering to promote empathy and visualisation of the world through the lens of the oppressed, and creates debates based on privilege. This is a Marxist agenda that lends itself to the promotion of communism. However, for those that study history, communism is the foundation of societal oppression. Those who promote “privilege” are promoting their own oppression, and seeking significance in being the victim, “Oppressed”.

Therefore, modern theory that there are infinite interpretations is based on ignorance, not knowledge. It is more natural to state that there are “Natural Laws” or “Natural Justice” that exists based on evolution and the environment. This is a dangerous realisation for the public to have, to those in power. It is under such realisations that intelligent mathematics and natural justice will lead to “revolution”.

As if the public understand that it holds the power through democratic cooperation and united natural ideology, then it will not accept the corruption of money and influence over its democratically elected governments. It will shift the paradigm back to “egalitarian values” and enforce justice through education, violence, incarceration or banishment. The Oppressors fear that they will lose their ill-gotten freedoms (gains).

This however is not a foregone conclusion, although naturally repeated consequentially over time, we live in an era with greater wealth disparity than ever before in human history. The power of globalisation and technology is also its greatest flaw. There is no “mass realisation” by the oppressive “politically Correct” movement. They are continuing to grow both financially and militarily. The creation of Antifa and other anti-fascist movements that espouse and demonstrably enforce Marxist, Communist and Fascist agenda’s is dangerous not only to society but has and will lead to mass murder (see Maoism and Stalinism), based on flawed ideology.

The argument that the “political correct” movement are promoting equality based on sincerity is a flawed argument as evidenced by continually harassing and attacking those who seek to promote “free speech” and by the historical evidence of the “Mass genocide and murder” by the ideology they espouse. “Politically Correct” proponents are not only disingenuous, they are based on historical evidence a proliferation of psychothapy.

The German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, predicted this almost 150 years ago and he hoped that the mass murder that would eventuate, may lead to revelation in man-kind. Yet through the tyrannical and authoritarianism of the “equality” movement has nothing to do with compassion or sincerity, but based on resentment and power.

The lack of Brand promotion for the alternative, and the divisiveness of too much information, both factual and false narratives, not only promotes cynicism but also apathy. In the last 10 years over 3 million people have been murdered based on globalist corporate agenda’s and the public has failed to elect progressive or intelligent representatives to curb these deaths. There are 22.5 Million (UNHCF 2017 Figures), conflict, environmental and economic refugees a greater population than Australia with over half of them under 18 years old.

These people have been brought up with nihilism, cynicism and distrust in all that modern society holds dear in Australia. They are the victims and oppressed created by both the neo-conservatives and the anti-fascists whom continually promote violence instead of peaceful protest. We as “innocent” civilians will inherit or “reap what others have sewn” based on our vote, speech or lack of, and apathy. As Edmund Burke stated, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

So how do we protect ourselves from re-experiencing the past, to relive the mass destruction based on resentment, revenge and power?

  • First there is the realisation that we have a problem and the public identification of those that have created or are promoting the problems.

  • There is the allowance of “free speech” and the ability for those now identified as conservatives (mis-identification) or progressives to debate and discuss ideology and events with objectivity in the public arena without the “tyranny” of legislative compelled speech being promoted by the “politically correct” movement.

  • Public speech should be protected with the caveat that it does not promote violence.

  • The “politically Correct” or “equality” and “Antifa”, movements need to be correctly identified by their ideology and actions as either Marxists, communists or antagonists by the media and our government.

  • We require legislation and protection of free speech. We need clearly defined legislation based on the intent of the speaker not the perceived offense of the listener.

  • We require greater protections for group and public non-violent gatherings.

  • We require greater scrutiny and greater punishment for those who partake in corruption, bribery and treason.

  • We require the promotion of democratic ideology and egalitarianism, not equality in our education system.

If we as the Australian people fail to speak up, discuss and debate these issues with objectivity and common-sense or “logic”. We must accept our responsibility in the consequences. An individual may consider themselves “innocent” but as we have been identified by the great powers in the modern world, we are but “collateral damage” if we do not stand up to tyranny.

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