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How do you forgive an evil from a Fool?

Terror and terrorist aren’t just overseas and in my experience are seldom imported. Our far/left and socialists do a splendid job of creating disharmony, violence and division here in Australia. Could you just imagine for a moment you are a sex slave, spending an eternity of days being beaten and mounted by some filthy jihadi old man with cigarette-stained teeth and the blood of Islamic(but not his Islam) and Christian children still splattered on his attire. Then, coalition and western forces storm the room, sending the rapist to the Oblivion he was long overdue. They wrap you in a blanket and take care of you. Feed you. Mend your wounds, and do their best to salve your emotional and spiritual scars. They place you in a refugee camp, provide security, accomodation and food until you are eventually sent to Australia as a refugee. Blessed and thankful to live in a free and prosperous nation, you decide to take advantage of all Australia has to offer. You go to school, get subsidised education and take on a degree to attain greater financial security and to give back to the country that has offered you not just subsistence survival, but an opportunity to live. Whilst at university some female authority figure with open-toed shoes and a closed mind tells you that you have it no better here than you did in that tent back in the desert. This talk isn’t just ignorant, it is dangerous. It is evil. Some respecting authority, will engage in this subjective propaganda and become part of the same ideology they were Lucky enough to escape. Some will continue their existence with the realisation that there liberty and safety is always at risk even in the West, through the proliferation of ignorance, hate and vitriol. I find it easy to forgive the actions of those that lack the opportunity of education and seek any alternative even malevolence in order to survive. I find it more disappointing and harder to forgive those have access to our opportunities , education and resources, that hurt others in our society without fear of repercussion or accountability for the damage, division and violence they promote.

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