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The only thing Hitler hated about Marx was that he was Jewish

Having had many a discussion with those on both the far/left and considered far/right who continually promote their differences, I’d just like to bring some historical context into the ideology you both seem to call Nazi-ism.

Am I supposed to see a party in favor of universal education, guaranteed employment, increased entitlements for the aged, the expropriation of land without compensation, the nationalization of industry, the abolition of market-based lending—a.k.a. “interest slavery”—the expansion of health services, and the abolition of child labor as objectively and obviously right-wing.

What the Nazis pursued was a form of anti-capitalist, anti-freedom, and anti-conservative communitarianism.

Many of the programs including discrimination based on attributes of birth ie. skin, faith or stature under the populist terms of “equality” or “equity” still to this days seems to give populist permission to commit atrocities (mainly in Africa atm) and malevolent acts against the new “privileged”, once called the “Jews”, now any straight, educated Caucasian Christian Male will do.

The hypocrisy of both sides is abhorrent. When I look at many of the proposed policies and platforms of the left - Labor and Greens and social alliance and the same type of proposals from the centre right, or Liberal Party, I totally dispute any whom attest that the public and political parties of today have learnt anything from the atrocities of the 20th century.

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