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When some numbers cost big numbers!

Now Pool fencing! Property supposed to settle on Friday but Pool fencing authority put the wrong town of ... description on the certificate. Now settlement late by a week. Owners pissed off and out of pocket about two thousand dollars, buyer pissed and out of pocket about five hundred dollars. Vendors Conveyancer (well this one doesn't seem to give a sh*t), she's on leave at the moment and the clerk she has doesn't know what to do. Pool fencing response, we will get to it in 5 days. We don't have the resources to expedite our own stuff up.

There are plenty of people with brains in the public service. Most of them are not the figureheads I have met. Getting a top job because you a given it by a friend (nepotism) doesn't make you smart, it makes you a parasite or a teenage child! So you should grow up!

I would like anyone out there in the public service or real world who knows who to call or email or harass through pool fencing who can sort this sh*t out. Cos 4 of us have basically been told "Too Bad".

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