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For what seems like my entire employment history, I’ve been the one people come to in a crisis.

Every one of my friends knows I have a critical mindset, but, seek positive outcomes.  I’m the go-to guy, the one who comes up with solutions.

I think outside of the box, I understand, have written, have contributed to amendments of laws, rules and legislation, when those that know me well, know I’d rather tear them up.

I’ve not always been able to help others, sometimes, I can only ease the suffering that people have created for themselves.  I don’t believe any of us are passengers, we all drive our own lives, and that belief is rather confronting to many.

I’m not a “good guy”, I am painfully aware of my own flaws and my inabilities, but I rather more resourceful than most, and know-how to generate value out of anything.

I am able to negotiate the trade-offs in life, to calculate and assess risk in real-time and accurately predict the actions of people through their language, past actions and environment.  This has meant that I have learnt to be effective.

I may not be the one your looking for, I’m not pretty and have a great head for radio, but when there is a crisis, and in my experience, everyone goes through them at least a few times in their life, I’m the one you go to when you need a hand. 

I may be thoroughly pissed at your behaviour, I may suggest and describe options that seem unpalatable, but I’m a survivor and I get results, so when life gets real, I’m the guy you’ll call.


So if you seek results, you need perspective and you understand the pain of failure is far worse than the pain of dealing with an change, I’m your man.

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We've come so far as human beings.

Because our greatest strength is our ability to trade.

That's what's important to me. This is the mindset I bring to my roles.


My attitude to problems is that they are a normal part of making better lives for our families and our people.

I am who I am, I am a product of this city, my experiences, my beliefs, and my faith. I owe everything to my Northern Territory, Australia, and the opportunities and people that it provided.

I'm Sam Wilks.

Consultant on Economic, Security, and Real Estate solutions.


If you are seeking professional  informed consultant or coach then take the opportunity  to contact me today, you'll wish you had done it sooner.

Tel: +61402 152 929

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