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Body of work

Sam's collection of reference books on security offers a comprehensive exploration of the field, spanning theoretical frameworks to practical applications both internationally and in the Northern Territory of Australia.

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The 4 T's
Tools for avoiding violence

Sam Wilks' book "The 4 T's" offers an insightful exploration into the dynamics of communication and its pivotal role in shaping human behaviour and mitigating violence. Drawing on his extensive experience in real estate and several decades in the security sector, Wilks brings a unique perspective to the subject. His work is particularly relevant given his success in training over 650 frontline security staff in the Northern Territories since 2018, equipping them with essential communication skills.


NT Security Operations Companions Handbooks V.3 11/23

The enclosed NT Security Operation Handbook serves as a crucial resource for security personnel operating within the Northern Territory. Its primary purpose is to equip these individuals with an extensive comprehension of their lawful entitlements and responsibilities, as well as the legislative frameworks and regulations governing their conduct in the Northern Territory of Australia. Version 3. 11/23.

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