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The First Peoples Parade and The Larrakia Corroboree 2019 and beyond….

The Australia's First Peoples are represented by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have different and distinct languages, histories and cultures. The local Darwin traditional owners are the Larrakia People. I also acknowledge other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who call our region home.

All Council services, programs and information must remain available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to use so that they can participate fully in our community life. It is mine and the Council's commitment to provide services and opportunities that are respectful and accessible to all members of our community. As a frequent visitor to ”the Greek Glenti” and several Darwin Festival attractions, I am constantly disappointed by Darwin’s lack of events and activities including and presenting our traditional peoples culture and art to the world.

I propose that with the help of the Larrakia Nation and Australian First People representatives create a First People Advisory committee seeking to create an annual First peoples Parade during the Darwin Dry Season and to Host “The Larrakia Corroboree” on the esplanade. A combination of the traditional owners and first people presentation.

I believe that with Larrakia Nation, federal government, Territory Government and Council support as well as that from major business interests in the NT and the tourism sector we can create an event that people would seek to attend from around the world.

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