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Community Gardens

Community Garden’s don’t just have to be about fighting global issue’s like food security, world hunger and creating sustainable resource’s as powerful as those topics are they are also about fun!

Some of the bestest fun memories I have as a kid were the excursions I went on with Jingili Primary school to the Botanical Gardens, talking and listening to the Late George Brown about the EVIL PALM Beatle, the future catastrophe’s associated with fire ants but most memorable was eating those tiny tomatoes he used to grow.

As I grew older and we started going on trips through late primary school, he would get us to try Chilli’s and then we knew why we had to pack a milk drink for the trip. (The poor kids that drank their’s before the experiment created entertainment for the rest of us).

I remember what he used to say. “We came from the tree’s and we’ll go back to them.” It was a pretty airy fairy statement at the time but in retrospect and having lived a relatively full life so far, I can see what he means….

  • Shelter/ homes/ Building

  • Defense against weather, erosion

  • Food, sustenance, water

  • Medicine, health, vitality

  • Life style, love and sense of well being

The plants and tree’s provide but never ask for anything in return. They are a lesson for young and old about the stages we live in our lives. Our needs for Certainty, the uncertainty of weather or crisis, the need for significance, our need for Love and connection and most importantly Community Gardens are about contribution and growth.

The experience of gardening for some is just as meaningful as the experience of raising a pet and definitely part of the evolution of becoming a parent.

The Suburb of Alawa has been greatly enriched by the Lakeside Drive Community Garden and similar projects are needed through-out the Ward of Richardson and Darwin.

If you agree and have idea’s, thoughts and passion about this issue please contact Sam Wilks at sam4richardson and share your knowledge.

If you believe this should also be on the Council agenda and platform for not only future educational programs and the like but for the good of the community as a whole, Vote for Sam Wilks in the Ward of Richardson this coming 26th of August 2017.

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