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“Darwin Born and Bred”

I am always trying to learn as many of my friends and family would attest. I have recently been referred due to my financial beliefs “that the CEC (Citizens Electoral Council) may share my views” and was forwarded links to their political rhetoric and agenda’s.

What a long watch and Glass- steagall. Well I can say after watching several video's I agree with their stand on Glass-steagall and similar type regulation on the banking system here in Australia. However I don't inherently believe as I would hallucinate that they do based on their rhetoric, that most of the worlds idea's are based on the decisions of a few some might say evil men. I have been lucky enough to have met and have been in contact with several Billionaires in my lifetime.

The ones I have met are very generous and in my opinion wouldn't offer me anything with strings attached. Let me state that although I have been offered financial support from one of these people, I declined the offer due to personal beliefs and because he was not a constituent in my area. If he lived in my ward and offered to door knock for me, I’d accept his help in a heartbeat.

Billionaires have to become master communicators and extremely hard workers and for 3 that come to mind in particular, on a personal level are in no way narcissistic but are strong willed and make decisions based on getting results, not profit. Their Goals are as basic as wanting to build a school (one has recently by hand with several others renovated a school in New Zealand), keep their country safe from the terrorism they experienced as a child (defense contractor and investor in Low-price and high-price apartments) and to feed a Million people by the time he's 60 ( He's fed more than 4 million through partnerships with groups like Foodbank etc).

All of them have gone through a stage of God Complex like ego at some point in their Careers but that stage not only led to each of their own personal failures, it led to the realization that collaborations and team-work leads to goals.

Money and wealth wasn't and isn't the goal of any of them, influence is, but not in the way that many portray those with money. I am sure there are some billionaires that probably do attempt to meet the sinister persona that CEC portrays, But I don't think anyone based on what I've witnessed gains that power through expectation. Trump for one gained power through groups like this who come across as highly intelligent but pushed an entirely nationalist agenda. It is in my opinion small minded and stems from financial bigotry. It also leads probably unintentionally in focusing great wealth and populism on exactly the type of person/s they are trying to avoid.

“Case in point Trump.”

I like wealthy people and also vulnerable people.... I like people. It is from the struggles of both that I learn more about myself and increase my personal value to my family and friends. I believe in Democracy, Socialism, Capitalism but I believe all of them are floored without rules, regulations, safe guards etc. I have for years been a critic of the loss of public freedoms, but only because I will only respect that loss if society is gaining a benefit from such loss.

I have like, most Australians, I hallucinate, have an egalitarian belief system due to my upbringing in Darwin, I believe in a fair go for all.

I like educational stories taught in my era, like King Arthur because of the Round Table, Robin Hood because he fought injustice and Brave heart because he fought for freedom. Even after several months of asking and dealing with youth, I couldn’t state that they all have the same beliefs, idealism or needs.

However I have been enlightened that we are all influenced by needs and those needs are sometimes not of their own but are created by an interpretation of events and experiences in their environment.

I looked at one video link shared to me and based on my (BS) belief systems was disgusted by someone telling me a billionaire, who is publicly narcissistic, ignorant and calculating, who in my opinion lacks true empathy will impose regulation on Wall street and lead to better financial management. To me that would be improbable based on my BS. But hopefully they are right and I am wrong.

I am a man created by my environment, I believe that no matter what the outside throws at us in Darwin, we will deal with it!

I have recently publicly announced that I am running as a candidate for council in my ward of Richardson. I have not run for a political seat before and require the help, advice and support of those I know and my community in order to better understand the needs of Richardson but to also attain policies, goals and platforms for a progressive council.

I need your votes on the 26th August 2017, in order for my voice to become yours.

If you have a view, it doesn't have to be the same as mine, please let me know. I expect to represent all the people of Richardson, not just those that vote or don't vote for me.

Note :

Written and Authorized by Sam Wilks. The views included may not be those of others mentioned in the article but are those of Sam Wilks. If you have other idea’s feel free to comment below. Idea’s and differing opinion is recognition of a free and just democratic society. A Society I am happy to live in. Please however try not to be abusive or discriminate, you may be. But if I feel that your opinion may be harmful or is reported as being harmful, I will delete it.

Sam Wilks

PO Box 40441

Casuarina NT 0810

0402 152 929

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