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One of the Realities with a younger population is that there are increases in crime, theft and antisocial behaviour if they are not adequately educated and entertained. Its not all bad news, Darwin has been inundated with private investment over the last few years with privately owned facilities to meet the needs of the younger generation and upwards.

  • KJ’s

  • Flip-out

  • King Pin

  • The Planet

  • The new Ice skating

and more

The negative however is the large disparity created now between the haves and have-nots. These activities centers are expensive. Some of the facilities have done their best to accommodate the less fortunate (KJ's has free days) with special days and cheaper deals. Their are a number of programs available through Non government organizations like Anglicare and Catholic care etc that provide access to these facilities through donations form the public etc.

But many of the NGO's are stretched to the limit, and many are reliant on members of the public volunteering that a family or it's youth are struggling.

This is why we need a Recreation Centre.

There are many in our society based on current social views and values that feels humiliated and shamed by being identified as a family going through hard times.

The hardworking entrepreneurial spirit of the Top-end will undergo several set backs before succeeding, the environment, the market, necessary regulations, unnecessary regulations, financial capital and/or equity and mental and physical health and well being.

An interesting fact is that over 80% of self-made millionaires (what is considered a success in our monetary society) will or have gone bankrupt or have at one stage or another operated insolvent (assets will not cover debt).

In order to keep the families of those currently less fortunate entertained and as productive members of society, they need to be able to interact with our community.

One of the greatest "secrets" professed by every successful person is that "proximity is power" in order for anyone to succeed they need to be able to be in the proximity of those that can provide them opportunity and or mentoring.

Recreation centres not only provide this for the youth, through mentoring programs etc they also provide this for their families.

A recreation centre is a free entry ( normally with donation facilities) that provides all year access to the public, providing shelter, activities, entertainment and physical and mental health opportunities.

Some of the recognized benefits of a Recreation Centre are -

  • Health and well being - Community recreation centers offer many programs that help benefit both the body and the mind. Studies have shown that children who exercise regularly have lower blood pressure, delayed onset of diabetes, lower heart disease rates, lower rates of childhood obesity and overall increased longevity. Exercise also helps increase white blood cells and aids in strengthening your immune system.

  • Reduce Stress and improve mental health - The benefits of community recreation centers not only help the body, but they also create a less stressed mind. Stress greatly affects the community at large, and children who regularly use recreation centers have lower stress levels than sedentary children. Another benefit to the mind is overall happiness. Youth who exercise regularly are more than twice as likely to consider themselves happy.

  • Mentoring - Many youth recreational centres that have implemented a Municipal mentor program whereby troubled adolescents are given the opportunity to give back by participating in youth mentoring programs have seen drop’s in crime rates with children by another 10-15%.

  • Recreation Centers increase property Values – Properties located near youth recreation centers have historically noticed increases in property values. Studies have shown that not only do people like to attend recreational centers but that they also like to live near them.

  • Increase Youth Employment - Employers and the community seek members of Recreation groups due to their known benefits and youth members generally benefit from programs and training offered at youth recreation centers.

  • Cultural diversity and reconciliation - Sometimes, cultural differences can cause some problems in community relations. Participating in group activities can help to increase cohesion in both the community. Sports tourism like Sepaktakraw and others also brings more cultural diversity to many types of different events.

  • Boosting Student performance - Students who actively participate in recreational activities have increased retention rates consistently in studies.

  • Retaining employee’s and people to an area- Employees who exercise regularly used almost half as many absences as employees who did not engage in physical activity. Employees who live near recreation centers have a lower turnover rate due to “Happiness”.

  • Public Safety – Many recreation centers offer classes that teach CPR and first aid procedures that can greatly benefit the community. These classes usually cost very little to attend and some even offer free enrollment. Recreation centers are also seen as safe spots since the larger crowds can deter violent situations.

  • Tourism – A Larger recreation center can hold large tournaments that can bring people from neighboring states. This increase of people can help bring more revenue into a city a few times a year. Local businesses along with the recreation centers see an increase in revenue during these large events.

  • Increase in Council Revenue – Although entry to these facilities are free for children to 17 years of age. Adults that attend, either to participate in activities with their children or as spectator to special events provide revenue to not only run the facilities but also to maintain and improve the facilities.

  • Youtube and emerging emedia – Low cost media performance art facilities provides not just a way for council to raise revenue but also for youth to create and distribute their own art and create revenue with parent/guardian guidance and permission.

  • Benefits to Families and the community - Families that play together tend to stay together. Family ties are improved by spending leisure time with each other. This effect even works with parent-child relationships. The recreational facility team usually has unique ways to help families participate together to increase family ties.

  • Reduce Crime Rates with Children - Juvenile criminal rates have decrease up to and over 25% when the community has a recreation center for adolescents to attend. A community recreation center gives children a safe place to play, keeping them off the streets.

Recreating centers also provide additional revenue raising facilities like education rooms, toy, drink and food vending machines and could also provide access to other council/private run programs like the bottle and ink cartridge recycling schemes.

The aim of a well planned and developed recreation center is to provide value, opportunity and location that provides social benefits to the community.

If you want a Recreation Center in Darwin (preferably in the Ward of Richardson, I have several idea's for location) then vote 1 for Sam Wilks this coming election on the 26th August 2017.

Note :

Written and Authorized by Sam Wilks. The views included may not be those of others mentioned in the article but are those of Sam Wilks. If you have other idea’s feel free to comment below. Idea’s and differing opinion is recognition of a free and just democratic society. A Society I am happy to live in. Please however try not to be abusive or discriminative, you may be. But if I feel that your opinion may be harmful or is reported as being harmful, I will delete it.

Sam Wilks

0402 152 929

PO Box 40441

Casuarina NT 0810

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