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Who am I? What is my "Brand"

My name is Sam Wilks, I am a Glazier, a body-builder, a power-lifter, a husband, a father, a step-father, a home owner, an investor, a landlord, a business owner, a coach, a fitness advisor a croupier, a floor manager, a pit boss, a director, a security professional, a Real estate professional, a home builder, a gardener, a barista, a Sales and marketing professional, a counsellor, advisor, a student and now.... A Politician.

As many of you will know I just put my hand up for a position in Council “Politics”. It was an extremely good learning process. It wasn’t always good things I learnt. But one of the main things I have come to realise is that I have “Brand Awareness” or in other words a “reputation” and that although that reputation is relatively good it is not necessarily the right one for politics.

So first off, I had to find out what this Brand awareness was, not because I’m dense but because If you are ever looking at entering politics, just like bringing a new product to market, you need to know what people think of it from the start?

So first up, “Do people call me?” Yes and quite often.

What do they call me about? (Now this is where my Brand becomes diluted)

I receive about 10 calls a week in real estate matters, general advice, requests for help, business offers, listing offers, referrals etc. Having spent such a substantial amount of my time in the industry and as a landlord and investor myself, this has led to me to be considered somewhat of an expert.

I don’t know how many other agents receive this sort of interaction but having spoken to many it is few. In Politics being associated with Real estate is a big NO-NO. Real estate agents are viewed as being one of the most untrustworthy professions there are. I can say easily it’s because a Real estate agent deals with dishonesty every day, generally not their own.

Now comes the dilution…..

I receive about 2-5 calls a week for advice on security, risk assessment and training issues. I also work in the Security industry and have experience and qualifications in regards to risk mitigation and managing people. Although I am relatively new in this industry, I am seen locally as a leader and have proven myself as a social engineer on a large scale.

This has led to a brand distortion – I am a highly sort after Real estate advisor and a Security professional.

Then comes the Public perception of Trust, honesty and integrity and the perceptions of these roles are polar opposites. However unlike the public perception they are both congruent with who I am for similar reasons, both deal with Business, money and people.

Now come the kicker’s, I have a respected name in the older Body-building and Power lifting community with proven results in both and have spent 11 years of my life in and out of the Gaming industry from Croupier to Trainer and Manager, I also started in the building industry and have built 17 homes from scratch, I am a company investor and business partner in several ventures. Although this creates very separate and distinct perception it also dilutes my “Brand”.

In this day when the majority of the voting public is over 33, the experience and diversity of my chosen careers creates inconsistency with many who seek to be in a career for decades or longer.

But I’ve chosen my careers distinctively and motivated by life choice and what I wanted for my family. I reflect a new type of Worker, manager, more likened to the mindset of a refugee or immigrant than that of a Caucasian middle aged male.

So as much as I know and my closest friends know why I chose my career paths and my mind set of –

  • “This is an “And” world not an “or/if” world.”

  • “I will do what others won’t so that I can do what others can’t.”

This creates a diluted Brand in the eyes of my competitors and the public.

So I’ll attempt to clear it up over the next few paragraphs to give the public a better understanding of who I am.

I am a Husband, a Father, a leader, an investor (in both people and business), I do not like to use others, rather I like to help others, but I am going to accept more help in future as Politics require it. I don’t want to become a politician, I see myself as a member, representative and an egalitarian voice in a world of regressive agenda’s.

I am progressive. I am considered socialist, but I am not, I believe that social foundation leads to more progressive lives, it’s not about rights it’s about value for money and provision of fair social payment for services rendered.

I understand Capitalism and it is flawed. I understand corporate law and it is flawed. I understand socialism and it is flawed. I see rights as privileges, regulation as protection (when implemented properly) and the law as a system, devoid and alien to justice. I respect the law for what it is and I forgive the bad behaviour of some imposing a flawed system.

I understand democracy and it requires constant protection. I know that money influences more than social agenda but I chose to run my first campaign on “Public funding” and a socially responsible platform congruent to my core, nature. I looked at it from a “idealogical platform” as opposed to a “Marketing Campaign”.

I helped many of the other candidates not through political manoeuvring but through social obligation based on ideology.

I can be annoyed by bad behaviour but I generally love people.

I am a Hard worker, a strong advocate, a socially conscious and egalitarian democrat. I am my mother, father, Nana Whitton, aunty Correen, aunty Pat, aunty Cathy, uncle Morris and too many more to count….. I am child of our community and a product of this City, Darwin.

I knew that I would have issues with an"idealogical Campaign", I expected an outcome similar to what I achieved but I hoped, the public was ready for change.

There were only 4 new faces elected to Darwin City Council, people need change but are not ready for it yet.

My future endeavours will use my public, financial and business influence rather than just my social.

I put my hand up! I was supported by over 2000 people in my area. Now I understand Politics, people want to buy a “Brand”.

I am Sam Wilks, my Brand is “Local Experience and Leadership” I am the man that gets the calls, even from the other candidates, when they are feeling emotionally low. I am the man they call when they need to sell the property last week, the man they call when they have sold the property and raised $50k for investment, I am the man they call when there is a riot, or need a large group of people dispersed and negotiated with, I am the man they call when they need to change their life or lose some weight, I am the Man, I am (Just like my Nana used to say,) Sam the Man.

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