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Escape the chains of poverty...

Lets be clear the main issue I hope to write about and to describe is essentially unattractive, it is poverty. A mindset created by concentrating on less not more.

I will consistently be accused of exaggerating the situation/s and I do as much as any person exaggerates their opinion by selection. I do not write about the exact order of events as they happen, although I describe situations and events that do happen. I try where possible to reframe from drawing individual portraits of particular people. I try to represent the social circumstances or the class from which people come or hope to attain rather than individuals.

I find it interesting that those who speak out against the social system are those enamoured by the search for wealth and fame yet those I know intimately whose wealth is almost immeasurable love the social welfare system for what it is... A protection of the wealthy from the poor.

Imagine if you would bakers and food outlets being looted. This is what would happen on a daily basis without the welfare system, then in response the ignorant would employ more police and thuggery based security firms. People would die, riots ensue and massive amounts of both public and private damage would be done. How do I figure these events so clearly... because history repeats and this is exactly the actions of the past. To be realistic this has been repeated several times in several different countries due to the same ignorant actions through-out the last 2000 plus years of recorded history.

So next time you see a higher middle class ignoramus trumping about with their views and

espousing the virtues of free market systems. Feel pity that the public education system that

they and their ilk consistently attempt to defund has failed them. Their ability to divide by

taking staple investment in reading, writing, arithmetic, and history and place funds into social engineering events such as rainbow songs and gender discrimination is succeeding in creating more ignorance and division.

Rather than teaching objectivity based on facts and science we are allowing the new age religion of sociology to infect our young and teaching professionals. We are creating liquid thinking masses influenced by pharmacology rather than ideology and making bullies seem assertive and the victims to be asexual or the more politically correct terminology "More emotionally sympathetic".

In a classic move to remove guilt or responsibility from all in our society so that we don't blame those that created the problems in the first place we have taken away first place, given contribution trophies and told little boys/girls they can wear dresses/pants in public and it is wrong for the majority to laugh out loud (LOL) at them.

In a more daring move to seem as a viable alternative to religion the "Social agenda" of political correctness states "we are all Innocent" in direct proportion to many religious fanatics "we are all sinners". But gives no benefit of reflection and consequence to the realisation of doing a socially irresponsible offence or crime.

(I touched on several different topics above for a reason and those educated in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's should have the mental aptitude to figure out who I just blamed and what I just stated. If you struggle to maintain a focus its because your mind is already fragmented into taking too many positions at one time, don't worry take a deep breath, you will catch up.)

Unfortunately it was created in my era due to ignorant political choices or lack of and the idea

that representing the minority as equal to the majority would create equality. It didn't and still doesn't make any political, social or physical sense. It's not natural, its a form of social engineering and it lacks the foundation to withstand biological will and evolution, I'm happy to say if you think you are winning, you'll grow out of it.

We can be progressive without being fanatical. We can be inclusive without being passive and we can show courage without being discriminatory. This whole idea of political correctness is bullshit. Every one knows it only those with social and financial agenda's generally based on divisiveness choose to call it progress.

Progressiveness is based on moving forward, not on pushing down or elevating minority views or agendas in an incongruence with the needs of the many.

The many can not and must not be influenced by the needs of the few. For that is what is called fragmentation and leads to dictatorship. It is in direct opposition to not only democracy but to freedom. Freedom is not free, it comes at a cost and more often than not the payment is made in blood. The cost has and will continued to be paid, because the nature of freedom is biological not ideological.

It is hard to write or even discuss this type of fragmentation to the ignorant. They spend so much time stuck on their own agenda, failing to even share or empathise with those that have differing views. I do not hate anyone or anything, I am disappointed by the behaviour they attribute to it but I love all human beings. We are all flawed and we are all influenced by behaviours, experiences and beliefs we were not taught how to adequately determine ourselves.

But through psychology (not sociology) and basic education based on communication (Reading, writing, arithmetic and history (stories of the past)) not biased on social science and engineering we can teach our people how to think, not dictate to them what to think.

Is more school the answer.... NO. We have socially expected the youth of today whose most productive years both in learning and creativity are from 15 to 26, to now spend such time in higher education, college or universities. We are actually lowering are countries productivity through scholastic education. This has been discussed on an economic level for the last 15 years in economic studies.

Are more courses, shorter more intense and more hands on the answer.... yes. (Hmm sounds like vocational education... like what we did in the 1940's that led to the progressive innovations of the 20th century.....well duh!)

But at the moment our government is financially investing in the top down and most regressive method of education. It funds to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, universities and colleges whilst increasing the costs of medium to small business by not supplementing the courses that produce the actual intelligent financial solutions. It is also reducing funding to early childhood development and primary schools.

Poverty Creation case 1.

This country is currently being inundated by foreign students using the education system as a way to gain employment and eventually residency in Australia (escape foreign poverty). However they fail the most crucial requirement in nearly all cases. They fail the ability to communicate effectively. I have worked at length with many an educated person that I have eventually had to dismiss or move on as they cannot effectively communicate.

In essence the old saying "Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime" come to mind. We are giving people degree's in this country without giving them the ability to communicate or use them effectively.

I have worked with those that have doctorates and degrees that are some of the most ignorant people I have ever met. Because they fail to have the learned skill to communicate.

Communication is not just verbal, it is physical, intellectual and cultural. It would be divisive in this currently politically correct climate to state examples. But I am happy for all to hear me speak about or for me to show them examples in everyday life here in my home town.

I describe certain social agenda's in such a way that I feel are repugnant. I may give the impression that the some of the people I deal with on a regular basis are unpleasant, without wishing to do so. I have constant experience that in his world we are either going forward or backwards, it is a world based on change their is no pause, stand still, or waiting on progression or regression, I loathe the Later. I have a love for people, all people, no matter what colour, origin or religion, I believe we must step up and question those that attempt to distract us as a people from the bigger issues in life, the life and death issues. We have massive gaps in our society and we need to close those gaps first.

Poverty is created by fragmentation, the power of those to divide (and conquer) as opposed to the power of the many through community engagement, the union or by movements.

Poverty is the simple symptom of an undemocratic society influenced by money and individualism instead of community and networking it's cure is respect (compassion), education and support (welfare/socialist systems).

When I was a child our Prime Minister made a pledge "There will be no child living in poverty in Australia by 19**" The time came and past, the people said the problem was too big and we as a nation started concentrating on menial and non essential issues and topics. We as a nation need to get back to the bigger issues, because we actually fixed more of the minor issues, whilst working on the bigger issues through the power of Action.

We also created a more compassionate and caring society along the way. We lost that somewhere along the way, lets take it back! Lets fight poverty again instead of telling the person sleeping under newspapers they are doing a great job at recycling.

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