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Develop the North, Australia!

2 major issues will have an important effect on the Security of Northern Territory over the next 32 Years; Food insecurity and water. The chance of conflict and the contribution to social, political and military disharmony is logical and multi-national and foreign corporate investment into influencing local and federal levels of government has already started.

So how do we the people ensure that the will and national security of our country is not diminished by the apathy and corruption of our elected members?

Networking and positive national association is the key, but both sides of politics will accuse parties and or individuals who advocate progressive reform of nationalism and fascism when they face the risk of losing the appealing scent of corruption and bribery.

Syria, Ethiopia, The Congo, Sudan, and now Yemen and Quatar, due to the aridness of the African and Middle East Region and agricultural control of aggressive religious influenced states are at or have been at war over the last 20 years.

The sale/transfer of natural fuel resources for food and water is at a high and is predicted to Quadruple by 2050. In an attempt to identify ways of breaking through the vicious cycle, the investigations have faced global pressure from aggressive countries representing their own global interests, one of which the United state of America, has actively invaded, bombed and devastated fishing villages in Yemen with almost a $2billion dollars worth of explosive ordinance or almost 10% of the entire GDP Value of the small country, due to its refusal to allows Saudi Arabian and American Gas exploration companies to place a foreign owned pipeline through their country.

America quotes freedom and disseminates free markets internationally whilst it has already revealed through its flawed democratic process that it is a privately influenced autocracy. Capitalism unchecked eats itself and breeds corruption and leads to monopolies and cartels. America since the 1972 and the influence of a constitutional amendment has legalised bribery by corporations and basically traded votes for dollars.

"If we (Australia) do not take active steps to protect our own sovereignty we will face the same type of aggressive action in the next 50 Years. It is estimated the US forces in the NT will expand to 20,000 troops by 2050. This figure would almost mirror our entire military force of the early 1990’s and it will become a precarious influence both locally and nationally."

“Food and Water have been used as an instrument of power and historically records show the ability to control food production and access to water constitutes the power over life and death.”

The creation or exploitation of food insecurity has been an integral part of creating conflict. The use of “food insecurity” as a tool is used to decrease educational opportunities, increase widespread corruption and further destabilise economies for the exploitation from “corporate raiders”.

Religious conflict has been amplified between governments and Islamic insurgents as Islamic extremists have attacked farmers, destroyed livestock and crops and used American purchased Land Mines to render land unusable. The resulting scarcity not only results in shortfalls in food production for the country, but also neighbouring countries.

In January 2017, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) reports “More than 4.8m people are in urgent need of food assistance and 5.1m are predicted to be food insecure if not supported by the humanitarian community.” This will lead to “Famine”, greater “Conflict”, and many more deaths.

Australia is a continent and although extremely dry, the Northern Territory has a third of Australia’s entire yearly rain full in 4 Months of the year (The Wet). It will whether under the control and influence of the current inhabitants or through the invasion of foreign forces be used to feed a larger proportion of the world in the next 100 years.

"I advocate for the use and development of this resource as a sovereign investment by and for the Australian people and to provide a renewable resource (food) to the world and our immediate neighbours."

The use of Food Insecurity as a socio-political process to pilfer power and resources from sovereign countries has been happening for thousands of years. The defence is through development, technology, networking and alliances. On the humanitarian level through compassion (respect), communication and education (empathy).

In my opinion willingly contributing to and invading of sovereign countries to serve corporate interests, to increase food insecurity and create famine that leads to mass casualties is a war crime. But unless we effectively develop the north in such a way that we increase our socio-political power and influence we too will become a casualty to the unaccountable and evil actions of a foreign power.

Once we take the appropriate steps and investment, we’ll (Australians) be in a better position to acknowledge the power embedded within the ability to organise and control food production as well as the multiple ways in which food products circulate the planet. This power and the protection it provides is as true during times of war as in times of peace.

The Time is Now. Australia we need to Step UP!

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