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Can we just blame Canada?

In 2006 Canadian Psychologists and Crime authorities gave several addresses to the Australian Institute of Criminology. Canada with an indigenous population similar to that of Australia had shown some immediate success in their youth crime rates by making large policy changes in their child-welfare system, changes to their Youth Justice act, increased massively their financial investment into education and employment opportunities and experienced a decrease of 33% from 2002 to 2004.

Why did Canada take notice of their indigenous Youth Crime Rate?, that peaked at its worst rate in 1991 but was consistently bad and is still high (But better than Australia’s) at 41% of all offenders whilst only accounting for 7% of the population.

The short Answer in my opinion, is the same as the reason Australia acted “The international human rights commission”.

The country like a person may do something wrong, many times through ignorance and apathy not on purpose, but when a good country or person is identified or discovered, they question and seek to reconcile and rectify.

Based on the advice we received from Canada prior and during the current intervention if Australia falls short of its targets to reduce the Youth Crime rate what can we do?

This Blog entry is entirely satirical and the intention is to create some levity and I just really still love this song!

Note : Written and Authorized by Sam Wilks. The views included may not be those of others mentioned in the article but are those of Sam Wilks. If you have other idea’s feel free to comment below. Idea’s and differing opinion is recognition of a free and just democratic society. A Society I am happy to live in. Please however try not to be abusive or discriminate, you may be. But if I feel that your opinion may be harmful or is reported as being harmful, I will delete it. Sam Wilks 0402 152 929 PO Box 40441 Casuarina NT 0810

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