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The media is Gamon about what the real issues are!

Sometimes the real winner isn't what we focus on its what we miss...

"Like my nana used to say no matter how thin you slice it there’s always 2 sides to a story."

First a large percentage is understandably horrified that a local homeless countryman Jocky Gaibaral was lightly hosed down by an employee from a local tourist operator, to move him on from loitering out the front of 2 commercial premises.

let’s just accept a video tells a story depending on the story teller and having experience in marketing it is easy to use this video to tell many stories.

Now one point of view is that it is clear evidence of assault. I work in Security and I know the Security Act and if you attempted to use this as evidence of an assault you would fail, so that assertion is mute.

Another point of view is that its clear evidence of racism. No words can be heard, the hose bearer is not heard calling out racial slurs or the like. If that’s your point of view it tells me more about you than the situation.

Another is that it’s a clear indication of the homelessness problem in Darwin. But seeing a vagrant loitering to the side of a commercial business doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t have a home. A large proportion of our community have homes and dwellings on outside communities that they refuse to return to due to addictions and social, educational welfare conditions.

It is also evidence of the hassle and bother that small business deal with. That due to the loitering issues in Darwin, the first impression by customers is influenced and deterred by the close vicinity of the vulnerable to commercial and public facilities.

No matter what your point of view the evidence shows one very clear indication, Darwin has a problem with the vulnerable. The issue is directly a council, local government issue. The federal government has poured billions into resolving the issues for decades to no effect, because there is no local political will to deal with the root causes.

We are purposely being distracted by minority groups with vested interests in creating more and more division. These groups do not act accordingly due to an offensive ideology or meaning but through chosen ignorance. As the community concerns are raised these smaller groups attempt to hijack the main issues with trivial concerns that when pondered, deliberately ignore the consequences to society.

The 2 main parties in Australia are both completely focussed on meeting the needs of the few through populism culture (Media influence) or blatant corruption (corporate or foreign bribery). They are ignoring the real agenda and requirements of the Australian People.

What Darwin needs to see in the coming months is renewed discussion and a revision of past (2009/2010) plans.

Darwin has some comprehensive plans for a Youth Recreation centre on Vanderlin Drive (Graeme Sawyer). Discussion need to be held with the stakeholders of the Royal Darwin show. A temporary shelter proposition for the site until further investigation can be completed, f an additional homeless shelter with transport access and closer to concerned facilities, ie Bolter road, and Vanderlin Drive areas.

Expression of interest needs to be conveyed to interested parties that the City is seeking to work with and integrate a farmer’s market and local stock auction facility for both local, international markets and tourism.

Consultation needs to be made with several stake holders regarding locations (contact me for more details as to sites I have investigated) to create a local disability support shelter and centre (access to NDIS resources to be made available after 1st July 2018).

Darwin needs most of all action, and it needs it now!

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