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Mitigating business theft through action

Business theft comes from both employees and customers. Most cases of theft arise through opportunity and deterrent is the key to curbing losses. Most people will not steal if they feel there is a high likelihood of them being caught.

Some helpful tips on mitigating risk of theft in your business.

· Conduct criminal background checks on all employees - A criminal background check isn’t that expensive and can save you several thousands of dollars in theft. Is someone who has a criminal conviction, a person you can trust with your business when you aren’t there? Discuss the matter with the potential employee, depending on their experience they may be reformed or just retired, and seeking new opportunities.

· Hire a security monitoring service for your business - A security patrolling service will go around after you close and make sure that your doors and windows are locked and secure. Unlocked doors and windows are the most common way that offenders steal from a business after hours. A security patrol service makes sure that none of your employees ‘accidently’ leave the back door open at night.

· Provide larceny response training for your staff - Whilst portraying concern for the loss of valuables and items of the employee’s, you can engage and receive consultation from potential offenders and victims that can lead to resolving risks.

· Install a CCTV system -The main monitor can be visible to let visitors know they are being watched and you can watch your employees as well. CCTV Cameras can give you added protection and peace of mind. They can capture serious incidents, health and safety issues and provide the ability to educate and review your internal practices and procedures. This system can be used in conjunction with a sign about your intent to prosecute shoplifters.

· Hire fulltime security Personnel - It is usually best to hire a security guard from an independent company. A security guard from another company will not only be more alert to workplace theft, but they will also not be on intimate terms with a staff member who is stealing. This allows the security guard to remain objective and report the theft.

· Get a Security, threat and risk assessment – These assessments not only report potential threats, they generally provide design and security advice to not only mitigate loss through theft, but also through work, health and safety concerns.

A business must traverse a multitude of risks, including economic, financial and timing. The right advice at the right time can save you money and potentially your business.

If you require more professional and detailed advice a Security, threat and Risk management report can be arranged by contacting Sam Wilks on 0402 152 929.

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