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Dave Tollners Floating his idea's again

I suppose I should forgive the NT news for attempting to remain objective, by giving a voice to an ex-politician like Dave Tollner, but this guy lost his relevancy well before he got ousted last election. To see article copy and paste details below in your header.

For a man who reportedly entered politics, in his own words, as he was upset about the gun issue, and, feared the then Howard Government would remove a Citizens rights to bear arms. His entire political tenure has been one of championing the right of tyranny. His commentary today, taking sharp jabs at the newly elected Mayor Kon Vatskalis and the labor party, describing Kon’s submission to federal oligarchy, is a terrible attempt to absorb some of the political relevance Kon has inherited with his new position.

Now that this irrelevant and toxic bully who in a position of power, and, public authority took grand shots at attacking minorities, tries to pull down the currently elected party. The public opinion, and analytical revision is already in, Labor didn’t win the election, the CLP threw it. Ignoramus like David Tollner and Adam Giles, operated their parties like tyrannical far-leftist and far-right extremists, publicly demeaning women, aboriginal people and their own bureaucrats.

For Dave to call anyone a “Nimby” after his constant and public use of a product he refused to legalise is bloody hilarious.

He asks why can’t Michael Gunner accept the same pineapple from Malcolm Turnbull?

Because contrary to Dave’s belief, Michael has the same reports you have on water, he has already approved a major prawn business (something a past liberal party tabled) and is hoping to expand on the agriculture and aquaculture businesses of the top end. Michael doesn’t have a short-term-view, and yes, there is some internal bickering from the far-left in his party punching equality issues to the forefront. But Michael seems to be successfully, so far, keeping them satisfied with a few facebook blogs, and, some rainbow paintings.

Michael isn’t the best, and he isn’t an Alpha, but he’s what we got after kicking out a bunch of useless tools, so he’s trying the best he can. After sometime working in retail, I think Michael knows what the pineapple feels like and doesn’t want to share it with the rest of the territory in my opinion.

As Dave seems to have an issue with branding, and, marketing with yellow triangles, I’ll leave it to his wife, a Real Estate professional, to explain how it all works.

As some one who has spent most of his career on what known to the masses as “The public welfare system”, don’t espouse knowledge of financial markets you googled, the economy runs fine generally when governments follow what you would call the “protectionist” ideas of the people. Because then we don’t have to spend so much cleaning up some foreign companies left overs, whilst being fed their crumbs. Jason Hanna needs to give you a job, that way you can see how an economy works.

Yes, The NT is a welfare state, a large proportion of that is because they do the very minimum to stop the Aboriginal people not highly paid leftists, from protesting and closing down mining operations. It is also full of public servants that are actively discouraged from showing initiative or dobbing in the ineptitude of their managers.

Darwin has had several leaders discuss and even encourage the cultural economy which works in direct conjunction with natural resource management like agriculture, aquaculture and something you should have been right behind “Herbiculture”. We have the most sunlight for a capital city in Australia, we have the most water, we have some of the flattest land mass (apart from a big rock), if we can’t power, feed and inspire the rest of Australia it’s because of the southern adversaries instead of support.

Some points to remember when dealing with the federal government

  • Water is the norths greatest resource not gas, do some research, Syria, Iraq and other geo-political wars have been exacerbated by the lack of water, not just the highly documented corruption of Halliburton and their ilk.

  • Foreign purchase of land in the NT has grown substantially in the last 5 years because of changes in the FIRB Rules, basically making it easier to sell of our resources cheaply.

  • The taxation and benefits we currently get in revenue is about 1/33 that of Qatar, so that lets you know our current politicians can only successfully negotiate their way out of prison.

  • The federal government has been compromised, no, not by the amount of idiots who can’t determine their citizenship, but pretty funny that they can’t answer a basic form honestly, but by the constant and continual revelations of foreign donations to party members and or through the appointing of highly sensitive employment contracts to ex-politicians. Corruption or bribery after the fact is still corruption and bribery. Just because the judiciary is in public opinion, corrupt, doesn’t mean that future lynch mobs won’t shove your cake.

  • We live in an “And” world not “or/if”, we can have our radioactive cake, and, eat food too. Reports, innovation, gas exploration is all good, but we need sustainable economic employment, not some cash grab from some foreign company Dave’s probably a lobbyist for, or, has given him some great holiday “treatments”

Malcolm Turnbull is a populist, Tony Abott (I like him, buts that cos he’s a nice guy in person) is irrelevant, just like Dave. If you want Malcolm to do something just contact some local elders, and get them to travel down to Canberra with some fracking water, and ask him, publicly to drink it, he won’t cos he’s not an idiot, you’ll get the 15min of fame to scare him off, and, we’ll just wait for the next corrupted Politician to try the same crap down the line.

Don’t get me wrong, let Dave have his commentary, on facebook, on a personal blog, and, the web like every other opinion, but don’t put him on the same level as Michael Gunner because they are worlds apart.

The NT news is lucky Michael is a Beta, if he was an Alpha, he would have got an unknown back bencher to respond, I would have. I believe in freedom of speech, but like most Territorians, we want a “fair go”.

Remember Michael, we have the resources that everybody wants, so we have the power, we have the people, not many, we have technology, we have media capabilities, even if nine news does rip down their tower, and we have some awesome rednecks with guns, (thanks Dave).

Some totalitarian dictator in budgie smugglers wanted to get the army to come in and secure our gas. I can just imagine the look on the face of the commanders, who no doubt have spent some time in the Top End. That would have been an awesome laugh.

Keep up the commentary Dave, I like it, it's a good laugh.

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