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Why a Security career?

A security officer is an allrounder, the role engages physical health and mobility, basic psychology, social investigation, crowd management and negotiation. A security officer will learn skills that can be applied to any given field they choose to pursue. A security officer is on a medium to high hourly rate with a multitude of training and education opportunities.

Many security officers either go into or come from the military, the police force or the fire service, as they all rely on the ability to display courage and authority in stressful situations.

The type of training and opportunities available in the security industry are vast and the fastest growing and industry and incomes are in cyber security and technology.

Example of security training Opportunities

  • On the job training and certification - complete training for you to become a certified and experienced security guard while you work in the field with security experts and learn in the classroom as well.

  • Technology training - learn about how to install and monitor state-of-the-art closed circuit television systems. These systems are installed in many warehouses, hospitals, high rise office buildings, shipping ports, banks, airports, and other businesses. Installation and operation of CCTV camera’s is a growing business opportunity.

  • Job Security- If you are good, you can be assured that you will always be working. There is plenty of work for the not-so good as well but unlike other industries due to the risk incompetent staff place the public in, those staff are generally removed quickly. You will also gain the opportunity to work in some of the most prestigious buildings, businesses, and events in your city.

  • Wide Variety of Experiences - Performing security duty of all kinds, including CCTV surveillance, property surveillance, home alarm monitoring, installation of security systems, and event security. You will get experience in all forms of security detail and will be prepared to work anywhere that you will be assigned. A good security officer can choose where they want to work and never be weary. (This is what I was attracted to as I don’t require stability due to personal investment it meets my need for variety)

  • Work with local officials- If you are interested in a career in law enforcement or public service, a security officers job is your first step. In the role of security, one of your duties is to work with local police and diversion staff to help stop crime and share reports with authorities on any suspicious activity you have seen related to their investigations. Unlike many career politicians that come through the public service welfare system, a good guard will be able to manoeuvre through bureaucracy to engage in solutions based methodology.

  • Earn while you learn - Many security officers you will meet are enrolled in university or college. The security industry provides a variety of work and generally a great level of part-time or casual employment that suits the requirements of those that study. I have worked with trainee doctors, university graduates to school leavers, from several countries including our own. The variety of locations is nearly as high as the variety of people you will meet.

  • Be part of a team - You will be proud to work with some of the best security professionals in the business. You will learn to work as part of a team at events and functions ensuring that through numbers and training the public is kept safe and secure.

The industry is constantly growing and expanding due to the latest security trends and technology.

Cyber security is massive but wait for the expansion of the Surveillance industry into drones. When it comes to security, uncertainty in the world creates employment opportunities and job security.

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