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The economic fight is over, now we fight for freedom.

The average Australian used to be 35 times richer than the average Chinese, I was taught at school. Now we are about 2 times richer. In my lifetime I have witnesses several firsts, and amazing technology, but to witness the removal of western predominance over the world, has been the most interesting.

Most of the worlds wealth was made in the US after the 1800’s, and most of it was owned by western cultures. The west promoted wealth, stability, and innovations through competition, scientific revolution, property rights, modern medicine, consumerism and a strong work ethic.

Today however these virtues have been shared, and are being exploited around the world, and Asia now has the best work ethic.

I watched a TED talk about this last year, and the speaker called it “Reconvergence”. It reminded me of a movie title at the time (That I keep calling the reconvergence now). The Divergence between the west and the east is over. But now there is a greater fight, A fight for Freedom.

I have observed that our societies in the west are now being greatly influenced by the politics of Asia and the East. On both sides of politics in Australia and within my own society. I have observed the continual destruction of Free Speech and the tyranny (totalitarianism) by the far-left and far-right. The democratic ideology of speaking one’s mind without being shouted over, and then having intellectual debate is in demise.

The rise of the ignorant espousing the false “equality” message, the creation of acts, and agendas in our schools and society pushing “Political correctness” is an attack on the freedom of speech in Western Society.

Never have these ignorant masses in their lifetime, had to endure the harshness of slavery, the pain of malnourishment, or subjective torture of communism.

I have observed special interest groups, and minorities hijack the political interests of the nation, commit acts of violence, and degradation, and not face judiciary justice at all.

The actual system many of them scream for, would have them shot, beheaded or incarcerated, yet their ignorance knows no bounds.

I am progressive by nature and conservative by observation. I believe in respect, compassion and common sense. I love and appreciate that we all have differing opinions, it is a blessing to democracy that we have multiculturalism, so that we can have the progressive influence of experience. That this country is experiencing violence and vandalism by the intellectually inept and they revert to said violence, because they can’t accept basic logic or fact as an argument, is astounding.

The lack of political leadership on both sides of the political spectrum is unmistakeable.

To those acting like spoilt children without discipline, those who support the continued vulnerability of a culture through nepotism, and those who preach equality, oblivious to rational, unbiased scientific fact, I warn thee.

A people divided, a majority alienated at best, will react in a paternal way to redirect your sedition, at worst they will abolish those rights we all hold dear, to eradicate the hostility, belligerence and violence from the minority.

You don’t have to agree. You can silently protest, you can make a statement, you can seriously disagree. You can choose to look at yourself as a victim, you can choose to look at yourself as a dictator, that’s your choice.

I will stand (hopefully beside you) and fight for you to have that freedom of choice.

But I will not be quiet if you start using violence, implementing foreign agenda’s or place at risk the sovereignty, democracy and freedom of speech we have.

Corruption has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both. JFK

Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer, which we use to crush our enemy. Mao Zedong.

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