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Stop Politicising the Education

The inability and unwillingness for the education system to remain equitable has seen it become victim to money and politics. Those that create the most noise, are not necessarily the majority, in general they are the minority. In human terms the loudest, are often those that declare they are victimised or wronged by the majority. Populism in politics used to be based on democracy and the betterment of all people, but through the lobbying of special interest groups, it is those that provide the most money at a given time, and make the loudest cry, that receive the most attention.

There-in lies the dilemma of the education system. “It has been politicised and infected by social agenda’s instead of schooling the fundamentals. Whilst through Naplan and federal learning requirements, schools through to high school are required to meet a standard, however these standards now include the teaching of programs based on fantasy not reality.

When my children are told that a sheep, that can be black or white, is now rainbow, they are disseminating a fabricated reality.

This has been compounded by social agenda’s being taught in the education system.

Instead of the education system teaching students how to think, they are spending so much time teaching them what to think. I am a risk assessor, and I understand the external belief systems required to make such aggressive changes to the education system and why. To mitigate the risk of offending a minority, through the teaching of equality, the repression of honesty and democracy are augmented. In a system, where the students are educated to believe in imagination over scientific reality, we are amplifying the risks in an unambiguous way with massive mental health and social consequences.

This was rebelled against at the turn of the last century, by the creation of public schools, to counter the religious doctrine of the church. Through social engineering from monetised, and highly influential special interest groups, they are using the omen of psychology, in the temple of the class room, to preach and disseminate a fabricated narrative of equality. It is a different religion with the same sermons to create division, and alienation, through the suppression of freedom of speech, and thought.

The movement to educate mainly influenced by the conservative majority in the early 1900’s was to create fairness, under the more popular saying “fair go”. But the those on the “Far-left” who preach progressiveness, do not understand the sermon of tyranny they are spreading. I am a strong advocate for education from the womb, to providing learn4life programs. I am deeply concerned at the violence that is being used and promoted by the ignorant. There is a promoted agenda in our society that is damaging to the mental health of our community. It serves to create division and suppress freedom of speech. It correlates free thinking with fabrication, instead of authenticity. It promotes ideology over idealism and confuses not only themselves, but the very message they started with.

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