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Stopping for alternative energy

Do you set up your RSS feed for info that inspires you? Do you even know what an RSS feed is?

Basically, it allows me to get a glimpse of articles etc about future technology, procedure and system changes that will impact my future.

Unlike my kids who have had the benefit of the amazing technological innovations of the present, my history includes coding, system design, system hacks and the like. From my best mates Amiga 64 to my first computer a Amstrad CPC 6128 with dos and the apples I got to play with at school, every year I have to learn and learn quickly to evolve and understand and master the new technology on offer.

Today I got the great news about a company I have been looking at for over 6 years, New Energy Technologies Columbia developed a speed bump that capture wasted kinetic energy from braking cars in the pad that slowed down the cars.

The technology has come down in price so substantially that some City Councils in the US (Europe was the first to start using it about 4 years ago) are starting to place the pads at strategic stops, toll booths etc. The energy harnessed is redirected as electricity into the grid and used to power electric street signs, etc.

No matter what people think about climate change, or the energy debate, the innovative creativity of humanity is developing alternative energy albeit in fits and stops.

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