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Everybody’s somebody to some one.

I don’t have a perfect body, like most, I don’t look into the mirror and see something I consider “sexy”. But, my opinion really doesn’t matter to my wife, for numerous reasons I don’t always understand she loves me, and I love her entirely.

One of the most important lessons I never learnt growing up, was how to make peace with my body. But as I get older, I am realising more so through the observation of more people, and couples in the public, that whether or not a person accepts or rejects their body is singularly in their own mind.

My body serves me and shares with it valuable lessons. Scars, stretch marks, freckles and spots all provide evidence of a life of love, rewards, mistakes and accidents. The old saying “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” is etched in the body of every man and woman I have ever met.

As I gain more experience in the world, I have been constantly reminded that the distance between perception and reality is as clear as the truth versus the stories we tell ourselves.

Your perception of your body has no bearing on how your body actually looks.

Why don’t we just choose acceptance rather than feel the pain of rejection?

Because truthfully the choice is yours and yours alone. Some of the most descriptively attractive women I have met, I found physically repulsive, their conduct and character were ignorant and despicable. The value of a person, their merit, is not skin deep, and it is the path/s taken by a person, that create the lines, presentation and character in their face, body and essence.

You can always show respect to your body and your mind through exercise and diet. But, beauty and attraction are governed by a more intelligent source. Lust, connection and significance can be found through “proximity alone”, but Love comes from falling for the character, and making them the princess or prince charming in your hearts kingdom.

My goal now is to ensure that my children, are not so influenced by a cultures fear, and loathing. But, that they enjoy the life they have, and share it with the ones they love.

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