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Work harder if you want to succeed..

If you are brutally honest with yourself, you probably spend a small portion of your work-day doing what it is your paid to do. Most of your time is taken up with the addiction of distractions. There is Facebook, LinkedIn, your emails, texting your partner, driving somewhere for lunch, checking out eBay. Stop the BS, it’s time you found some practical ways to work faster, smarter and harder.

I constantly find it amazing how many people think about work from a social perspective. You are hired to be productive, to get results. If you wish to succeed it’s about focusing on your results, not your activities.

If the contribution you are making doesn’t outweigh your expense then eventually you will either lose your job, be replaced or the company will go under. So, with that in mind, your focus needs to be on the contribution you are making to create profit for your employer and/or clients.

So how does an individual employee bring down a company?

Many people don’t think that their contribution alone will affect the success of a company. But, years of research have constantly determined that it was the failure/s of some key individuals, not the entire organization that has led to the largest companies in the world going into receivership or basically going belly-up.

Many people are trying to work just hard enough to avoid getting fired. Some companies, in turn, are performing just well enough to keep their investors satisfied. Many employees focus more on looking busy than they do on getting results. Organizations generally reward people who look busy rather than rewarding results.

Many organizations fail to make the time and effort due to their own ignorance, in their people. Expectation especially in many organizations is deliberately kept low. Few organizations and people ever stop and decide what their top priorities are, let alone make a transparent set of goals and requirements for their employee’s as well as their own.

Success isn’t easy, or everyone would be successful. But, the better the people become, the more successful the business, companies and organizations become.

The main characteristics that lead to success are-

  • Personal responsibility

  • Work hard and smart

  • Stay optimistic, no matter the setbacks

  • Create goals – Make them worthwhile to you

  • Keep learning remember Fail is “First attempt in learning”

  • Become good at what you do, no matter how menial you think it is, mastery takes time

  • Trust your instincts

  • If in doubt, put your head down and work it out

  • Earn all you can, save and invest

  • Give back, contribute, donate time or money to something meaningful to you

  • Be gracious for what you have

Remember there are no secrets to success, just actions.

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