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Finding your Why!

Ever feel like you don’t know why you work so hard?

It’s a perfectly natural question for those who are performing and becoming successful. As we become more successful and start to see positive results from hard work, those results will start to plateau. The most common internal dilemma we all experience when we start to succeed is a need to validate our expectations.

Change is scary, but it is also exciting. If your expectations are aligned with reality, it will allow you to perform your duties with honesty, integrity and trust, you will find validation easily. Positive results create positive assumptions. However, actions we take on incorrect assumptions create poor quality results. It is common for frustration to set in when your expectations are based on illusions and wishful thinking. It is important that you can create a plan, the details can be defined with more clarity through-out the actioning, but it is important that you choose your destination.

I have been given plenty of opportunities for instant gratification, and have tasted the temporary gains, but they are just that, temporary. Creating a foundation for whole-life success requires being true to the principles of trust and integrity.

Some of my greatest gains have come from healing broken relationships with clients, and receiving feedback from those I work with, building trust often starts with yourself first.

It sounds boring to keep realistic goals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream. But, in my opinion it is being realistic that has empowered me to fulfil the goals I have set in the past, and provided me the faith to meet the goals I have presently.

Recognising the obstacles, you will face along the way, doesn’t make you a pessimist, it allows you the opportunity to seek solutions to overcome them.

Don’t confuse faith with discipline, one gives hope and the other the tools to confront and overcome whatever comes your way.

Remember a millimetre of progress, is still progress.

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