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Influence with a smile

Do you really know someone?

I’ve observed human behaviour, taken notes and studied for just over 2100 hours over the last 14 Months. The personality traits I observe seem to be likened more so to the repetitiveness of the movie “Ground Hog day” than the fulfilling accomplishment of a rewarding life.

There are several patterns and habits that the average human partakes in whether they be negative or positive. I would hallucinate that these patterns are subconscious, and fed more so by an addiction to certain feelings, than choice.

Some of the patterns I have observed are as follows –

The victim Patterns - It never seems ok for them to be ok. No matter how smoothly their life seems to be going they will insist that they are the victim of something, somebody, or somewhere. Be the offender a person, an event, a cultural belief or their own bigotry it is entirely fed not by ignorance, as I have discussed at length certain issues and concerns, it is due to a belief system. I’ve had success in curbing this behaviour, followed by observed relapse especially when mixed with the next pattern.

The Poison Patterns – Whether it be alcohol, weed, medication or other form of external addiction this behaviour is based on a lack of self-discipline, will-power and self-esteem. The addictions are in conjunction with actions and this has been the easiest way for me to determine the patterns. The physical attributes of illicit drug use are obvious, but the physical demeaner of those that have just come from a Gambling Club, a children’s electronic entertainment centre or an emption driven shopping trip are just as obvious.

When your able to access the conscious mind, through questions, statements or physical interaction, you create a connection. Immediately as though it is a physical response to the knowledge of the poison patterns that can revert a person back to their victim mentality, the person will attempt to amplify the connection, however proximity is power, and misery loves company, it is important to avoid long term, prolonged interaction. I’ve found success through short interaction as I am deeply aware of the compounding effect of proximity.

The Patterns of self-harm - Many people whether they are under the influence of drugs or habits of harm like gambling etc will simply seek the chance to hurt themselves in almost any situation. I have seen people fall to the ground without reason, try to run in front of vehicles and use language intended to offend all to seek some form of connection, be it positive or negative, with those around them.

The Patterns of Illness - I have observed the very physical effects of the unintentionally scheduled illness, flu or headaches, based almost entirely on belief systems that have no reasonable logic. People that have been socialised to believe that their health must suffer because of the change of weather and or cultural “sorry” business.

The patterns of poverty - No matter how much money, royalties, payments or donations you can have there are people that will be out of money in days. They have a pattern of poverty that will have them take up an addiction only when a certain amount of funds is achieved, then through tremendous pain, go through the withdrawals again and again.

This can affect employment, employability and all aspects of a person’s life. Education, gender and cultural have nothing to do with this pattern, it has been observed in every distinction, it is a belief system that I would hallucinate come directly from the subconscious.

These patterns in my opinion are part genetic and part environmental. To observe the genetic off-spring from one family group being raised without the influential patterns of their family, by a third party, it has been disheartening to observe the same destructive habits forming.

I have already researched that from birth a child may already have formed behavioural patterns. In the Northern Territory many of these patterns are based on the drug and alcohol addictions from the birth mother or father.

Does this give truth and evidence to those that state it doesn’t matter if you take the child away from the parent/s? I wouldn’t assume to know.

My own success in curbing the behaviour of these socially disruptive patterns in others has been limited by time, influence and proximity.

Changing patterns is extremely difficult. My motive and authority to influence others is based on much as my moral and ethical beliefs as it is on my employment as a safety and Security officer. I am acutely aware of the power I have, and I am the first to question my intent before any interaction. I also work in conjunction with colleagues whom may not have the same intellectual, or philanthropic purpose, but seek the same positive outcomes.

I have found that the most influential skill I have is to remain positive, smile and to show genuine concern. I do not believe that people are stuck in their patterns, I have observed that through education, positive support both individually, socially and culturally, people can make a change and a difference.

But you only make the change when you want to make the change. I can influence my world, not control it.

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