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In response to an ABC News article -

Camouflaged police with assault weapons to patrol NT streets at night to reduce youth crime

By Stephanie Zillman

Ok I know this is totally childish..But in response to the Article I had to have some fun with photoshop!

Can you spot the camouflaged police officer?

My own personal concerns that the juvenile offenders after years of "Where's Wally" and "Where's Waldo" publications, might have a distinct advantage over this type of surveillance activity in their local hang outs.

However, the deployment of militarised police units into the suburbs and public domain steps very close to the "martial Law" line that many of the Left/Right fantasize about on a regular basis.

Sometimes I wonder what is so scary about freedom and liberty to these people? But, then after small conversations, I am pleasantly reminded that they are not told what to say, what key words to remember and what facial expression of "offence" are to be made and when, they are just rather boring and mentally vague human beings.

I am reminded of the old saying "the mother of fools is always pregnant" but, consistently laugh at the juxtaposition of both sides as one side fights to abort and the other seeks to force a life into poverty, incarceration and control,

Still, this article gave some great ways for the NTG (NT Government) to deflect any opposition (oops, we don't have one lol) or criticism of "police are never around when you need them! and "There aren't enough police officers!" with "Nah mate, they're there, ya just can't see em!"

It's definitely promoted a new sport with Darwin's youth and delinquents..... "Spot the Camouflaged Coppa"

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