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Can I help You make some money?

One of the Hard realisation of the new connected economy is value for money is based on the value experienced by the recipient not that of the giver.

In a local economy that is all but officially in freefall, it natural for the public to think of themselves first. They have families to feed, mortgages and debts to pay. Getting more is what is on everyone’s mind. This used to work in a local economy, that was provided the protections and security of long term stable employment.

That economy no longer exists in the NT. The natural way that business and the transaction economy worked means nothing to the new global connected economy. The new connected economy cares not for your time, see’s very little value in your artistic or creative ability, it relies upon results, and the new results is about making an impact.

If you make a difference, people will gravitate towards you. The more engagement, interaction and involvement you can create the more you will be connected. The new connected economy relies upon making changes in people’s life that they want and need.

This new economy is more akin to marketing and dispersion than business, it’s about giving more to get more but only if you give them what they want. . You find out what the publics problem is, then take it away for a fee.

Finding out what people want is easier than ever before. “I know I make it sound so easy.” Locally and Australia Wide there are approximately 3000 Forums, buy, swap and sell sites etc. Many have at least 1000 followers or members (some over 100,000) from a diverse range and back ground. They are the Public (your Market)!

Now as a member, on most forums, you can post Polls (questionnaires) seeking the opinion of the Public. If you have a great product or idea you now have direct access to your market, to ask them what they are looking for, get suggestions, pricing and sometimes even capital investment.

Now I am not going to tell you exactly what questions you should ask, not yet, as I am still researching this and have several small and large polls on several different forums around the country.

But, what I can tell you is if you are in small business and you are not using this resource, right now, that’s right today, right after you have read this, don’t put it off, don’t procrastinate, don’t do it later, oh come on at least like this! and come back to it later.

Just do it NOW!

If you found this advice, helpful, advantageous or it makes you a shitload of money, please like and share. The only way we get rid of poverty is by promoting education, intelligence and personal productivity. The more I make you, the more prosperous I make my surroundings and the greater proximity to wealth and success we all enjoy.

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