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20 Ways to F-up an Economy! No. 6 Say Goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa

20 ways how to F—k up an economy!

By our Local NT Government. (witnessed and written about by me, a lowly peasant, oops I mean citizen, but I don't want to steal their limelight, they did all the work... proudly.)

Don’t get me wrong, continuously I’ve discussed economic factors and events with several sitting and aspiring politicians and pundits from both sides of the isle.

To say Holes and Homes is their main concern would be an understatement, but forgiving the lack of economic and financial intelligence by both the local bureaucracy and the ignorant presented for us to vote for, what we have seen is that they can’t even get the Mining and Housing sector right, so we didn’t stand much of a chance for anything else.

For those blaming either side for the problems, I say, they have both been as bad as each other, but given that we currently have a government with a massive, albeit, unstoppable majority of 18 members and an opposition of 2, this current government could really make some changes to fix things, but lets reflect first on both sides F-ups.

I’m releasing one of these one at a time, then I’ll provide 20 ways they might make some positive changes, so in the new year we might be able to re-invigorate our currently sitting government to get back to work and maybe represent the people again, as most who know me can attest, I have a critical mind, with a positive outlook.

Number 6 - Say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa

One of the greatest losses the Territory has experienced over the last 10 years is a massive brain drain. No, I don’t just mean in politics.

Due to reviews and changes to concessions for those over 60, the average person over 60 has lost over $500 in entitlements per annum, given even more massive changes over the next few months, the added costs to those over 60 are expected to be another $500 odd per annum. Be it from power, water subsidies and wait for more, well they’ve already lost their travel unless you call riding on our continuously discussed dangerous and shocking public transport system.

So what propaganda did they use to stop the oldies from revolting?

Well they called them rorters and leaked individual stories to alienate a large group of both financially intelligent and hardworking Territorians.

Growing up with traditional conservative values which generally comes with age, wisdom and social intelligence, they didn’t riot, or go on strike. They did what any sane person does when confronted by authoritarian thugs, when you are frail and have the ability and resources, they left.

But when they leave they take with them, common sense, experience and knowledge that our local economy can ill afford to lose.

The lack of experience, knowledge and capabilities in our current bureaucracy is laughable if it wasn’t so destructive. Rather than having the courage and conditioning of experience and wisdom we are forced to deal with a cultural group who find it easier to PM somebody on Face book than ask for help in person. (that's if the person who knew what to do wasn't given a redundancy package)

Our NT Governments have seen Billions of Dollars with a B get chewed up in wasted administration on several federal and local schemes and initiatives, hiring and firing staff that can barely speak English in some cases and some can barely operate a printer (don't mention a fax to them, their heads might explode).

As each consecutive government representative travels over seas on tax payer funded junkets they seem to have failed to realize a rather common and growing practice around the world.

Rather than cutting entitlements and attacking those with some grey hair, Asian countries have employed them in front line roles with financial incentives as they have training in wonderful human interactive techniques like “smiling” and “customer service”. You can find them in KFC, Macca’s and even Sitzlers in Singapore and Thailand. But, I spose that’s not where our pollies eat, you know where the average peasant/person does.

The NT Governments have continuously appraised themselves on having a younger more diverse and transient population. But, did they seriously contemplate the social and economic costs involved in disenfranchising a large and wealthy part of the population?

"The costs and effects on our youth and family support departments is and will continue to grow exponentially."

Colouring your hair grey, or taking some selfies and posting pics with some forgotten failed pollies from yesteryear doesn’t endear you to the older generation, remember they were the ones that went to school when we actually had an education system.

Unfortunately for Darwin, our golden oldies through their wealth, resources and experience, have been quite able to stick their finger up, and say a big “F**k You” straight back to a government that has actively pissed them off.

....and if you think they are coming back up to see the kids, take a look at the departure lounges, it's more economical and easier for families to go see the grannies now, so we can add that chilli powder to the finger tip.

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