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Cant beat Chocolate...

I love my WIFE, she is awesome!

She is also a consumer and loves to shop. Not a bad thing, its all good for the economy. My wife is also one of the smartest people I know. But, like all people she can fall for and say some really funny shit!

After reading a sponsored journalistic rant in the paper saying that chocolate (a staple part of my diet) is running short (Running and shorts should never accompany chocolate), my wonderful wife suggests we buy a chocolate plant (cocoa).

I come up with my staple of logical arguments, danger, time, money, space, etc. My wife come back with "it will help the environment, it produces oxygen, we can make our own chocolate!" and several other extremely intelligent rebuttals. ( she will read this, so I have to make her arguments seem plausible).

I then go on to explain that this is part of an obvious marketing and media campaign to get people to eat and buy more chocolate! She says I'm being cynical and just don't want her to have her own chocolate tree. ( now I'm the bad guy, and my 8 yr old daughter is glaring at me in disgust).

I await the new Cocoa tree that will inevitably be purchased and planted. Damn you News media, Damn you Cadbury, Damn you marketing executives. Chocolate is an argument I am unable to win or even adequately debate against in this household!

I hate to lose an argument, so will buy a 500gm of Cadbury crunchy block to serve my sorrows later....

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