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Just for Laughs...

Ok so I was asked this evening during a quick conversation, “why do you read so much? You went to school, have a life, kids etc What’s the point?

I replied instinctively “because it’s has taken me a substantial amount of research and knowledge to realise the extent of my own ignorance”.

I thought about this whilst driving home. I suppose I have reached the stage in human development where “I know that I don’t know everything”. I think I might be growing up?

As soon as I thought that, I burped loudly as though my body reacted instinctively to my own realisation.... and I giggled, then laughed uncontrollably on the way home for several moments.

Note - to the family in the blue sedan on Vanderlin drive, I imagine it was a scary sight, but the looks on your faces as you drove upto and then past me, just exacerbated my laughter.... today is a good day👍

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