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The Power of Privilege

Why I keep reframing people when they call them human “rights” to “Privileges”.

The only way anyone can have a right to something that has to be produced, is to force someone else to produce it for them.

The more things are provided as “rights”, the less the recipients have to work and the more others have to carry their load.

That’s not creating human “rights” that’s trading an individuals resources or as the left call them “privilege” and redistributing it to others by force.

That isn’t Equality or even Equity, that is tyranny and totalitarianism. A far distant thought from the liberty or freedom, society experienced when I was a child.

But, then again I am so old that I can remember when other people’s achievements were considered to be an inspiration, their actions, aspirational, rather than a grievance or acts of greed.

When the weak minded started to call achievements “privileges” it established their ignorance and this was a narrative I heard consistently from the so-called educated intellectuals. So it is a word I started to use, so that I can communicate effectively with them.🤔

It has been far too hard to establish the folly of equality and equity with those engulfed by such a powerful (presently) ideology.

To state clearly -

"No one chooses which culture to be born into or can be blamed for how that culture evolved in past centuries. Those with self determination succeed, those without, don’t. That’s as fair as it gets, we all suffer, suffering is part of life."

The only “rights” you have, and will have to fight to preserve them from the influence of Evil, are the right to speech, expression and thought. But, through acts and legislation, totalitarian regimes and evil people who will seek to remove or control these biological traits with discrimination acts, undemocratically elected UN laws like 18c etc.

Those who find such clarity offensive, think!

Maybe your the problem?

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