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Social Media a Crux or the new Crucifix

I’ve been reading heaps on history for most of my life, it started with "crime and killers" volumes my mum used to get and then grew. I like the stories, interpretations etc.

I am amazed at how slow the past seemed to operate and yet my children must feel that my childhood lacking the phenomenal plethora of distractions was just as boring.

I have always been interested in the crusades. The knights Templar and the myths, truths and fictions surrounding them. Each country and each culture had its own form of crusaders, albeit different religions, ideologies, etc through-out time.

These crusades took on the cultural and public psyche of the day, leaders have always lied and cheated etc. But the public would be engaged in mass rally’s or by public speakers who would engage and keep the public focused on the outcome rather than the methods of said crusade.

Such are the ways of politics today, where the crusades of the past lasting centuries, have shrunk to decades and most recently hours often with a tweet blocking out everything else, at least until another crusade (tweet) comes along and takes over the same monopoly of our minds.

I find myself reading the comments and discussions on social media

( n my free time), kids on holiday atm, and thinking about “how did we get to this point?”, “Why are so many people so full of hate?”, “There is so much suffering it’s natural, why do people try to create more?” And most recently “Who’s benefiting the most out of this?”

I used to pull myself up when I had critical thoughts in my 20’s, it’s none of my business, I thought, then in my theories and with the advent of Facebook, I started to observe and question?

So now I see social media as a double edged sword, it gives me the ability to observe (voyeurism), engage (connect) and the ability to feel both certainty and variety. I can tell it’s an addictive platform, but considering my lack of other addictions and my friends disdain at my addiction to work, it meets a currently culturally acceptable need.

In this new age has the Good book been replaced by "Face Book"?

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