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Seeking the Asian Influence...

Just as the withdrawal of Roman rule from Britain led to widespread retrogressions, so did in many parts of Africa the departure of the European rulers be followed by technological breakdowns, failing economies, and political chaos.

Now with the withdrawal of American financial interest from several countries world wide for both economical and ideological reasons, many countries are seeking Asia to fill the void.

But, the ideology, ability and technology of Asia, is so far removed from what the politicians and the public expect, that there has been major retrogressions in health services, safety standards, resource output and economic stability, where Asian standards are applied.

China has some great marketing, they are the copy and paste kings of the last 20 years but their technology, education and capabilities compared to most western nations is still in its infantile stages. Their work ethic is second to none, but output lags behind some Polynesian outposts.

Where ever nations have embraced China’s national investment there have been numerous avoidable deaths, massive corruption and societal discourse. Just like many of India’s multi national investments you will see attacks on local wages, financial mis-management and environmental disasters.

Each of Asia’s nations has western trained individuals that have risen to the pinnacle of western ability, but in the numbers game, even with excessive population growth of the past, Asia produces very few innovators.

Asian immigrants however have bucked that trend, but due to greater access to intellectual and ideological freedoms, they seldom share such technology with their country of birth.

This is why the ideology of western society, the western relationships, sometime toxic, need to be maintained with our western allies. It isn’t just cultural as the fanatics on both sides, left and right, keep espousing. The very survival of our economy and progressive advancement of our people rely upon it.

Asia is a great place to holiday, but their values are far from our own. So when local politicians visit our neighbours and come back with “great idea’s” its best to look at those ideas with positive criticism. Remember a lot of what Asia presents is only “face Value”, one need only walk the streets and see the real hardships of class politics and real suffering experienced by the masses just across the sea.

- note, my observation and interpretation on the current trend of “bringing ideas back from Asia” and “seeking Asian money”.

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