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The currency of blood has risen in value!

I’m reading the dismay at the lack of local self reflection of the bureaucrats and the government. The posts by business people just lashing out on social media as a way to release some of their frustration.

How lucky our government and society is that they and their staff are not walking the streets with pitchforks or weapons as was the way of the 1700’s, 1800’s, 1900’s and the early 20th century. Technological advancement and social media have led to protest without blood a concept not even realised by the late Ghandi.

No matter the frustration or embarrassment felt by those in or towards our government, we should reflect on the lowered cost of their positions, for whilst their incomes may be rising, their cost in blood has severely diminished. Such is the benefit of our Western civilisation. In my own opinion of course.

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