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Technology helps

So I’m researching both sides of the story now in regards to anything a greenie/leftie tells me.

I watched as a group of hair bun wearing males working for INPEX and two stocky hivis wearing women berate a man for using an electric cigarette (in the smoking area) and then go on to tell him that they are the most pollution conscious organisation in the top end and several said they were industrial greenies (first time I’ve ever heard the term). That the large puffs of his e-cig are way worse than their normal ciggies.

Then I hear two of them (Bun boys) start to crap on about how much better it would be if we all road horses instead of driving cars. I quickly quipped matey do you know how many millions of acres of forestland around the world were restored after humans started using automobiles? Why? because horses required pastures, they also created massive amounts of methane like cattle etc and produced about 100 times the pollution in waste, gas and loss of land. It’s called progress because it made things better. 👍

I gave a wink to the e-cig guy and said “Lucky my parents took me to the 1988 expo show at Mindil Beach and I was able to remember some of the environmental history in the technology tent.” That’s seems to be the main problem with the youth of today, I won’t go into the fashion as those that know me will tell me, I can’t throw stones😂

But these young uns, they don’t seem to know much about how bad the old days really were. but have an opinion on it anyway. I’ve tried to google to see if I was right. I know both the boys did, but, they went back to talking about their shitty rosters and girls etc and left Mr e-cig alone to his group. He gave me the thumbs up 👍and they later asked me how Old I was and said I didn’t look that old. So they can’t be all bad👍

I can’t find it on google but I remember watching that show about 3 times and discussing it at Jingili Primary school and being so proud and positive of where technology might take us in the future.

I know some ignorant people are always saying how much humans destroy the world, and in many cases they are right, but in many cases we (humans) have created technological contributions that have and will continue to protect the environment, sometimes from our own mistakes and I’m sure from many natural disasters and environmental changes that would have otherwise wiped out many and now protects species.

Humanity still requires humans👍

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