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20 ways to F-up an Economy No. 15 Openly paraded Corruption

20 ways to F-up an Economy

By our Local NT Government. (witnessed and written about by me, a lowly peasant, oops I mean citizen, but I don't want to steal their limelight, they did all the work... proudly.)

Don’t get me wrong, continuously I’ve discussed economic factors and events with several sitting politicians and pundits from both sides of the isle. To say Holes and Homes is their main concern would be an understatement, but forgiving the lack of economic and financial intelligence by both the local bureaucracy and the half-wits presented for us to vote on what we have seen is that they can’t even get the Mining and Housing sector right, so we didn’t stand much of a chance for anything else.

For those blaming either side for the problems, I say, they have both been as bad as each other, but given that we currently have a government with a massive, albeit, unstoppable majority of 18 members and an opposition of 2, this current government could really make some changes to fix things, but lets reflect first on both sides F-ups.

I’m releasing one of these one at a time, then I’ll provide 20 ways they might make some positive changes, so in the new year we might be able to re-invigorate our currently sitting government to get back to work and maybe represent the people again, as most who know me can attest, I have a critical mind, with a positive outlook.

15. Openly Paraded corruption.

Now it sounds almost too strange to comprehend. If a government representative, official or employee is caught up in corruption, they would immediately lose their job and be investigated by the law and then go to jail.

HAHA! Sorry guys! only in the movies! The NT government representatives from both sides have a history going back decades in very openly paraded corruption.

Examples –

Recent - Most Darwinites were discussing the events that eventually led to the Xana Kamitsis Scandal (Travel agent scam NTG Scam) well before anyone was charged, on social media for almost a year before the court case, there was clear indications that she would most likely get home detention or some other form of “slap on the wrist”. The government representatives who lost their jobs, still didn’t serve any jail time for breaching the publics trust, and why should they, they never cared for the public in the first place.

Current – Everybody in Darwin has openly known about the close relationship between the NT government, political parties and the NT News. The paper which has been struggling for several years due to a drop in advertisement revenue, relies heavily on the employment advertisement of the NT Government, the political advertisement of the parties, and the media releases provided by government departments.

Between 40% to 60% on any given year of the NT Population has indirect or direct employment from the NT or Federal Government, we are in all comparisons a “welfare state(Territory)”, the latest evidence by one of their (NT News) ex-employee’s is no revelation to the public at large.

The watered down powers of the NT ICAC and the lack of funding, positions, accountability and ability shouldn’t make anybody think anybody found guilty of corruption, graft, bribery or theft, will face the full consequences of the law. It almost had no powers what so ever until some astute legal eagles pointed it out to Darwin Social Media crowd, who placed a substantial amount of pressure on southern and local news outlets to get the Chief Minister to intervene.

Did the Leader of the Opposition come out and pull them back into line, nope, because he himself has several improprieties that have been revealed by both whistle blowers, journalists and the like, and he too is either ignorant or complicit to several subjects of interest to any ICAC.

(Wonder if he can "Not Recall" more times than Adam Giles)

The reality is the NT has always been a cowboy town, atleast all my life, it has some great characters and a shitload of dodgy bastards. Developers chased out in the 80’s made comebacks several years ago because of the CLP came back. The CLP of the 90’s was kicked out for their blatant backhanders and it's tuck shop bag diplomacy was just too transparent.

Labour is not immune to it either, dodgy builders involved in drugs, builders become fencing contractors operating insolvent given contracts after certain local Marxist politicians are elected. I could go on and on, but what we all know is this. "The judiciary has no intention locally of keeping the NT Government, or their representatives accountable", this has been evidenced again and again, and it isn’t in their (NTG) best interest to have an Attorney General that seeks Justice.

So what will be the next form of open bribery, corruption and or “pay for play”, well Darwinites keep saying it will involve Fracking, and locals normally aren’t wrong, that’s why the NTG likes employing southerners, they have better branding and marketing methods for their dodgy deals, like lobbying, investment, testing and consultations.

If you want to "shit on an economy" most economists say you must lose the "public's trust", it scares off investors and the population alike. So our Politicians seem to have the runs

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