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War on Drugs or on People

Just my observation on this plight they call the “war on drugs”. We wouldn't have much need of a war if people stopped using drugs I keep hearing. It's like taking up a fight against the use of headache remedies, an attack against panadol or neurophen. It will never work until the condition causing people's headache pain is healed.🤔

Life is suffering, it may even be a symptom of our vast intelligence that we suffer. We even play the game “who’s had it worse?” And then we play the nihilist game of “what’s it all for anyway?”

We have this amazing brain with the ability to imagine such awfulness and yet also the ability to imagine so many wonderful ways and over come our own biological fears to try new and crazy things, risking all at times, including not just our own lives.👍

I watched a man stick a sword through his arm several years ago, he aptly stated that he had trained and meditated to overcome suffering, (Why the hell don’t they teach us that at school?) He smiles and pulled it out.

Both myself and my 18 yr old son walked on 3000 deg coals in Sydney in 2016, a firewalk, we trained for about 2 hours before we took the leap of faith.🔥

So why aren’t these the skills we teach children at school, meditation, over-coming suffering, focus and other better ways of distraction than sticking a needle in your arm, sniffing some blow or what ever. 🤔

I am cynical enough to think it’s because it’s an industry😡, but knowledgeable enough to know that some people just sometimes for no real reason just want to get f-up. 😩

Most often during the times of adolescence.

So stopping people using drugs maybe a false pursuit. Maybe teaching accountability is a far more suitable plight? Or maybe we should just legalise, regulate, tax and if somebody chooses to over do it and dies, accept it..... sounds cold.

But, if I drive my car into a tree, I don’t sue the car manufacturer, it’s a missile and yet millions of people drive them around every second. Some die in accidents, it’s sad, but it happens and people still choose to drive. Just as people choose to take recreational drugs and will continue to.

I have lost many friends to drug over doses, some legal, some illegal over the years, it pisses me off every single time, because I’m selfish and I want my friends back. But on occasion it has been their choice, not mine.

Some are cowards, some are responsible human beings that made a choice (one of them the most courageous person I’ve ever met), some are accidents.

Many of my friends will agree and many disagree but, as many know I don’t mind the criticism, I’d like however, to know a better way than having men with guns patrolling the suburbs in a War on drugs. That just seems like tyranny to me🤔

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