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It takes Darkness to see the light

There will always be malevolence. Ours is a constant struggle and as long as mankind has existed it has always been.🤔

When we are born if we are lucky enough, for some time or other we are like pharaohs, monarchs, we are treated and fawned upon as such.😇

This leaves us so readily offended when all that was ours as a baby and a child is taken away and the yes, abruptly becomes a no.😩😭 So in adolescence we rebel, and quite rightly so, we were in charge our parents, but, servants and butlers and through some silent coup, some confusing revolt, we are now just a young man or woman.😥

Some parents guided by upbringing, genetics and luck, have given those children guidelines, tasks, and structure to form greater foundation and bonds towards growth, change some flounder but still find their way and some will continues to look for it.👍

Just as the struggle with malevolence is constant, so is the requirement of courage and faith to continue to fight, even when the odds are stacked against us.😇

I’ve rarely seen a man or woman not ready to stand up to a fight, but in a world full of distractions, we seldom know what or who we are fighting for.🤔

Parents, leaders, visionaries and prophets have always given us direction. Now it’s branding, banners , populist movements and deconstructionists. It’s not too late to wake up. ✊

Even search engines today will give you what you want, not what you need, so read, listen or learn something different, an opposing point of view, because education leads to experience, experience to wisdom and wisdom to success.🧐

Notice I didn’t say intelligence, because few intelligent people are ever truly successful.🤓

Unlike the story books, you won’t kill malevolence, it can be defeated but will never be gone, for good reason, for you can’t decide the light until you’ve lived in the dark, malevolence provide perspective 😎👍

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