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War on Drugs or People - Part 2

Furthermore - to my previous observation on Drugs.

People are dying because of ignorance. Because people, educators and representatives are failing to discuss the facts. They are dying because nonstop propaganda is denying them essential safety information.

Dosages, regulated health informations, studies. They are dying because legislators and the media are continuously censoring the science, and both in Australia and world wide have been are ruthlessly pushing an ideological agenda instead.

They are dying because the first casualty of war is truth, and in this “war on drugs” I see no difference.

Most horrendously, The silence from the libertarians is deafening, the conservatives ability to just roll over and give up their freedoms is palpable. Those on the “left” have failed because they would rather provide needles, a rather ignorant pursuit if ever there was one, and perpetuating the spread of HIV, Hepatitis and other blood communicable diseases.

The “right” basically criminalises adolescents and continue to burden not just the tax payer but punish the family unit they so proudly say they support. “Bunch of ignorant” in my opinion.

In a free society, how can you commit a crime against yourself? Personal responsibility and accountability aren’t optional in a free and proper civil society, they are the cornerstone.

Otherwise we might as well be slaves (with better branding) in a world controlled by slave owners known as the oligarchy.

That’s not the Australia I believe in, not the people I have faith in, the world I wish to promote to my children.

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