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An excerpt of my theory of Human ideological development

My response to - it’s all because of Modern Marxism and (Engel) and identity politics.

Well although I wouldn’t solely and entirely attribute it to them based on the timeline that both had books that were not popular at all during their time, but were read and believed by several leaders like “Lenin”, “”Stalin”, Himmler” etc. I would theorise that it was less to do with what was written and more to do with those persons mental development at the time.

Marx admits that his observations were in fact based on the “family” unit and in later papers stated his ideology flawed by the “malevolence of man, wherein there will always be families with abusive parents” more in Freud commented at the time that the ideology was flawed in that every man believes they are the better father (leader) and every woman the more caring mother which in his opinion would lead to a society ruled by Narcissism and self adulation.

Nietche and Jung both discuss Marxism as an ideology, a natural part of growing up, ie when we are children we all believe in Marxism, it is only when we survive through adolescence and take on the attributes of the world seeking freedom, and expression that we revolt against the totalitarian authority of our fathers(and mothers), in order to become adults.

So I agree with the “branding” but I personally think it may have as much to do with “human mental development”. That is however just my theory.

Studies on the expanding time in adolescence attributed to chemical diets, the creation of terms like “teenagers” and “identity politics” etc to create branding, marketing, and recognition (celebrity) for identities in my opinion, only exacerbates the inability for the common person to discuss human issues.

My theory of human ideological development is

Baby - Monarch Child - dictator Adolescence - socialist and revolutionary/ anarchist Adult - libertarian Senior - conservatism

Many have and will disagree, this is my opinion only and I do not consider myself infallible.

But imagine if I was right, that we could determine societies development by understanding its needs and developmental stages. That by simple use of ideology, access and timing, the next generation of leaders could be developed with greater responsibility and accountability.


This is the theory, I developed in a book I am writing “Tales from a bus stop”

Based on my observational and interactive studies whilst working in security at a location that the greater society had decided to all but avoid.

My fears like any that discuss methods and observation on human theory, is that what I write, the theories I examine, could be used for purposes other than advancement and other than I would hope.

That in essence just as information can be formulated into a nuclear bomb, so can human science. I question whether or not the validity of my claims, as a learned man without the scientific qualifications has any right to dable in the human sciences at all.

I am validated that few educated men have achieved the success or wisdom of accomplishment.

I have sort validation in the stories of old, from the books on pharaohs, the Sanskrit, bible and psychiatric and psychologist books and papers. In doing so I have discovered similarities and common ground in all texts, and the hypocrisy they share as well.

I can honestly say that this book, like the one I have written already, maybe entirely for the waste basket. It is only when I have finished it, printed it out and flung it in the bin, as I have done with a multitude of writings in the past, will I truly feel a moment, a small moment, of accomplishment.

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