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20 Ways to F-Up the Territory No. 17 Ignore the Weather and Environment

20 ways how to F—k up an economy!

Number 17 – Ignore the Environment

By our Local NT Government. (witnessed and written about by me, a lowly peasant, oops I mean citizen, but I don't want to steal their limelight, they did all the work... proudly.)

Don’t get me wrong, continuously I’ve discussed economic factors and events with several sitting and aspiring politicians and pundits from both sides of the isle.

To say Holes and Homes is their main concern would be an understatement, but forgiving the lack of economic and financial intelligence by both the local bureaucracy and the ignorant presented for us to vote for, what we have seen is that they can’t even get the Mining and Housing sector right, so we didn’t stand much of a chance for anything else.

For those blaming either side for the problems, I say, they have both been as bad as each other, but given that we currently have a government with a massive, albeit, unstoppable majority of 18 members and an opposition of 2, this current government could really make some changes to fix things, but lets reflect first on both sides F-ups.

I’m releasing one of these at a time, then I’ll provide 20 ways they might make some positive changes, so in the new year we might be able to re-invigorate our currently sitting government to get back to work and maybe represent the people again, as most who know me can attest, I have a critical mind, with a positive outlook.

17. Ignore the Environment

One of the Greatest failures consistently from past and it seems like the present government has been a failure to acknowledge the environment in which business and the public operates. Darwin as a capital City has the most solar/sun exposure for any capital city. Much of the North is harsh, sun scorched earth and bush. One third, of all Australian Rainfall hits the top end in 4 months of the year.

Subsequently, Territorians per capita suffer the highest levels of skin Cancer and preventable cancer in Australia, and some of the highest in the world.

During the Wet season the Territory per capita experiences a proliferation of ground and water-based bacteria and parasites that leads to massive economic losses to people and the Territory. Many of the diseases prevalent in the Top End are akin to Third World Countries.

When you look at Darwin, Palmerston and Alice Springs as towns, there has been several massive failures over the years in design, environmental protection and prevention. There is a saying common in the Territory, “If you are in pain, jump on a plane”.

The private industry has attempted to increase the vitality and life standards of Territorians, through Gyms, Boot camps etc, but the lack of covered facilities only exacerbates the UV attributed illnesses for Boot camps etc.

All levels of Government and Government departments including the Local Councils have consistently failed to address the very real and present dangers of our harsh environment. The designs of many of the facilities don’t adequately provide covered shelter from carparks, walk ways etc, and as many are so badly designed they require air-conditioning 24/7, they increase the chances of illness through temperature shock.

If they were ignorant, then I could forgive them, but, the issues of public health in the Northern Territory have the highest spend per person in Australia, with arguably the lowest effective results.

Some solutions are as simple as basic cover, some drainage, some planning and some horticultural consultation. But, the past and present Government, whether by indifference or ignorance is liable for several hundred, if not thousands of preventable Deaths per year, through a failure of Environmental resistance.

I’ve heard people say “Toughen Up”, “on Ya Bike” etc But these Dips are the first to cry when they have Tumors cut outa their noses etc.

The government is employed at the will of the people and for the people, so if they design a public building, it should be amenable to the needs of the public.

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