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teach like Scandinavia

So after being advised that we in Australia are moving our education system over to a Scandinavian model, I thought, righto, I know many Scandinavians from my several DWD's and a UPW with Tony Robbins. They are smart intelligent people with business backgrounds who have been brought up in the country. They are successful enough to be able to afford external education through Western Philosophers and coaches like Tony that what would cost the same as a small house in most of Europe.

Three friends, three definitive responses "DONT LET IT HAPPEN !"

Relayed information -

Those in Scandinavia and Finland are heavily reliant on the state. This over supply of a welfare system and systematic equality being taught in the education system has led to widespread and massive levels of "Suicide, burnouts, depression and mental illness".

The system from child to adult is so law abiding that many public accidents occur as a psychologist described due to a lack of Common sense. For Instance " A car hurtled towards a man on a pathway, but he was so concerned he would get a fine for leaving the path, he was subsequently hit by the car and hospitalized for several months, I'm told there is a youtube film on it.

The Old are left alone, because of the Educations focus on "Self, ego or individualism" it has also led to a country where a person can be attacked or raped in the street, and people video it on their smart phone and call the police, rather than get involved.

The country experiences the largest middle class and one of the lowest poor rates in the world, but also substantially small numbers of very rich, except by birth.

Most people assume that it teaches obedience and capitalism, but the these are the following features of a Scandinavian system,

- Equality - Respect for Authority - Educate when you are ready (ie some kids don't start school until they are 7, they are encouraged to start when they feel they are ready for it.) - pedagogic emphasis - nurturing inner motivation - non systematic forms of grading based on observed improvements not standard learning requirements - no strict standards in teaching methods - in school special education - learning by doing - little home work (yes ignore the BS they still have homework) and shorter school days - School meals for all

The country has only had about 10 years of immigration and the people prior had very little, apart from Western TV, access to multi-culturalism, the far-right movement, although I haven't heard of it yet, seems to be growing quickly, as a response.

After years of "Special measures" programs and strong anti-discrimination laws. 1 in 20 engineers are women and about 1 in 20 hair dressers are men, Why? Because even when you dictate legal and employment requirements people still do jobs that they feel more comfortable with.

Engineering has a high degree of mathematics and objectivity, Psychological studies for over 200 years show that women do better and feel more comfortable in Subjective roles.

Hair Dressing is a highly gregarious role requiring communication, and interaction with many people, Men historically and psychologically are territorial, so this would not meet many of their psychological needs. Although a pinnacle of Western "Equality" programs, the evidence in both high numbers of assaults and high suicide rate, shows clearly that it has failed.

Scandinavia and Finland and other European countries with high education levels are doing something right, education wise, maybe not everything though. But, as soon as school is finished, the real world doesn't give a crap about their feelings and they are forced to work in a highly competitive capitalist society.

After listening to friends including one who moved to Australia and loves our regimented education system (private school) I personally see some benefits as described and some obvious failures.

The biggest concern however, was the consistent mention of "Depression, Mental Illness, Medications and Suicide". One thing is for sure however, I will continue to monitor my children's interactions and educational experience locally, my children are lucky enough that if the system seems to get too subjective, they have parents concerned enough to talk to them objectively. As for going towards a Scandinavian system, one clear indication why it may not work in Australia. Public Accountability!

Teachers in Scandinavia are required to "learn for Life" Many have degree's and diplomas in Child study, psychology, music and education. They are required to continue to study and are paid well. There are no special measures or lowered point requirements for access, if you are not in the top percentile you will not be hired and be counselled to take up another career.

There is a massive amount of "Public Accountability" and pressure placed on youths, if they fail, there are consequences socially. If kids are out after dark in some area's their parents are fined etc. The same can be said for Teachers.

Australia has several decades of sit down money, and special interest groups attempting to remove accountability and responsibility from the actions of any that the "sensitive" consider vulnerable. The massive amount of lies, character assassination and barbarism they have used in order to further their agenda's is abhorrent.

I fail to see them ever taking responsibility or being accountable for their actions although both actions are required for them to grow out of the very "intellectual adolescence" or "developmental immaturity" that will keep them recognizably, "victimized".

Without strong leadership and somebody educating or chastising the "sensitive" I don't see the Scandinavian model succeeding.

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