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Atheism just another religion

PC Warning this might piss off my atheist friends. See by observation and research And almost by definition, secularism cannot be a future. It is a present-tense culture that over time disconnects a society from cross-generational purpose. Which is why there are no examples of sustained atheist civilizations. "Atheistic humanism" became inhumanism in the hands of the Fascists, Communists and now the post-modernists. The greens party both in Australia and abroad just like today's European Union, display a kind of dehumanism in which a present-tense culture seems to amuse itself to extinction. For the greatest evidence of this is in the demographic of intellectuals, whom in statistical analysis have breached the pay gap with women by having greater incomes than men, but are breeding at rates below 1 per couple and are statistically unmarried couples. Some of my friends may say it’s unfair, atheism is only a 300 year old belief system, but, by my observation of data, freely available and easily interpreted by a learned mind, I easily conclude that secularism popular in todays identity culture meets the need of the intellectuals nihilistic view of the world. There is evidence that the poor and superstitious breed, while the intelligent and secular complain about over-population and die. In essence this could be the very evidence that I could refer to as a significant difference between “wisdom and intelligence”. Either way I revel in my minds ability to create a justification for my love and faith in the unfathomable, and trust that the path I walk will never be alone. Amen👍😂

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